WordPress vs Blogger, free blogging.

WordPress vs Blogger, this was always a controversial topic. Both of these tools are used by pro bloggers. They nearly have the same features and they are free. Comment below, if you like WordPress or blogger.

In general, both have the same features and are used by most professional bloggers. Blogger is a product of Google, developed around 2001, and WordPress was also developed around 2005. You might thing blogger.com must be better than WordPress. But it is not true.

WordPress vs Blogger, who wins

Most professional bloggers use WordPress rather than Blogger. There are few reasons behind it like

  • There are over thousands of free and open-source themes in WordPress.
  • Huge library of plugins.
  • Code and theme editor options are available.
  • It’s free to use.

where blogger.com also has the above features but it is not liked by developers. In fact, most developers create plugins and themes for WordPress. ucompare.in is also made with the help of WordPress. Hence WordPress vs blogger, the winner is WordPress

How to do blogging for free:

Follow the button it will take you to WordPress. com, create your ID. It will give you a free domain and hosting. After that select a theme and start writing. You can customize your themes within the dashboard.

Usually, for writing blogs you need a laptop or a pc. But using WordPress.com you can download a mobile app. The app is easy to use, even without a tutorial you can understand.

Using WordPress, you don’t need to get a domain and hosting. Everything will be free. Don’t think that using free stuff your website will gain traffic soon, moreover I would like to tell you that just use it to learn things. Then after some time get your domain and hosting.

A domain and hosting are one of the factors for ranking in Google. Even blogs with premium hosting and domain take time to grow. Then thing about free stuff. At last, it only depends on your knowledge and the amount of time you give. Money is a secondary thing.

Good luck with your blogging feature, just keep patience. It will work. Don’t forget to subscribe to us.

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