What is TCS CodeVita? get a Job at TCS

What is TCS CodeVita?, do you about the Indian coding contest. In this article, we will be looking at a Coding competition by Tata. We will also look at some benefits of TCS CodeVita. So with this let’s get started.

TCS is the leading software company in the market of India. TCS is famous for its salary packages for freshers. Moreover, TCS is the dream of many developers and undergrad in India. So do you know to get into TCS? CodeVIta can be a path.

What is TCS CodeVita?

CodeVita is an annual coding contest conducted by an Indian Software Company Called Tata Consultancy. This coding competition is conducted from the last 9 years, so in 2020 it has completed 9 years. This contest is for recruiting freshers for different roles in the company. There are total 3 rounds in TCS code vita

  1. Pre-qualifier round.
  2. Qualifier Zonal Round
  3. And Grand Final Round

Pre-qualifier round

Usually, this round is conducted in the month of June and July. The round is taken through online mode. The contest is open for the entire day. There is a total of 6 questions in this round. To qualify this round you have to solve just a single question without any bug or plagiarism (The code should not be copied from the internet).

With qualifying this round you may get an interview call by TCS. But only final year students can get into interviews. The job role for this round will be

  • TCS ninja annual package of 3.5 lakhs
  • TCS Digital annual package of 7 lakhs

The number of questions you solved along with the interview will decide your annual package. Remember that your code should not be directly copied from the internet, or don’t even share your code with anyone. The same code by other contestants can make you disqualified.

Qualifier Zonal Round

This round is also taken online, generally, this round is taken in the month of Oct or November. The contest is open for an entire day. And the number of questions will be 6. The top performer of this round will get entry to the Grand final round, along with an interview offering a package above 7 lakhs.

Grand Final Round

This round is an offline round which is conducted in any regional office of TCS. The 3 top performers will get a cash prize with an offer of TCS. The offered package will be more than 12 lakhs. Apart from this, all the decent coders of this round will get a chance for an interview with a package of 12 lakhs and above.

Competitive coding topic for TCS

You should practice CP on regular basis to easily crack this contest. For practicing you can go on GeeksforGreeks, you should practice all the topics listed below.

  • prime factor
  • LCM and HCF
  • Fibonacci series
  • Matrix rotation
  • Pattern printing and Strings

Some advance topic includes

  • Binary Search Tree
  • Sorting Algo
  • DFS and BFS
  • Dynamic Programming.

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If you found this article What is TCS CodeVita? then make sure you share it as much as you can. Moreover, comment below any question you have. And stay tuned with us for the latest information on the contest by Google or other Faan companies.

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