What is Machine learning and data science? Best Guide

What is Machine learning and data science? Have you ever heard of machine learning and Artificial intelligence? These terms are in trend over the last five years. Most people talk about these terms but they don’t know exactly what they are. Ok, do you know what is deep learning and data science? Your all doughts will be clear form now. If you wanted to know about the difference between machine learning deep learning and data science. Then you landed in the right place.

These terms are used very often in our day-to-day life. So if you wanted to pursue this field of artificial intelligence, Then will be also sharing some sources, for your learning.

What is between machine learning deep learning

Machine learning and deep learning all come under the study of Artificial intelligence. Under machine learning, we have deep learning. So the point to note here is that machine learning consists of many other tools, like the sci-kit-learn exhibit and deep learning. So remember deep learning is a part of machine learning. If you wanted to study machine learning further then you can read How to start machine learning. Best guide.

Deep learning It’s not something apart from machine learning. Generally, We people have the understanding that deep learning is separate from machine learning, but actually, it’s a part of machine learning. And deep learning itself has many frameworks like TensorFlow, pie does MX- and various others.

Then what is Artificial intelligence

On talking about AI, it is not just machine learning. It also has many other tools that we use like reinforcement learning and many other tools are used in data science. Machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning are some sub-sets of Artificial intelligence.

Now you might have a question, what is Data Science

What is Machine learning and data science?

On coming to data science, It is science something which encapsulates all those things a little bit with some tools and it comes together to make or generate data. So we will see what’s the main difference between data science and machine learning.

So in machine learning, we will basically collect the data train the model, and deploy the model. It is nothing but inserting some functionalities into a machine to perform a particular task again and again. but in data science, we will collect the data analyze the data, and suggest some hypotheses or actions. In general, we try to predict the output with data.

Real-life examples

So in data science, we are doing suppose we have a marketing project. We will have to do A/B Testing. So the data science is just giving you insights. For example, The suggestion of a green button. It can give you more customers. So these kinds of insights to improve the business are given by data science.

But when you come to machine learning it is something tool deployed. Which is another running at the back end. When you go to Flipkart or Amazon to buy some products, you will see some recommendations. So this is a machine learning acting at the backend working for you. And based on your search results is giving you recommendations.

Agriculture project in data science and machine learning

So in agriculture, when we see as a data science project. So it includes the study of soil and to do analysis. And recommended to the farmers that in this season, you should grow these crops. They will give you better aerial in this season. You should drop other crops they will give much better results. So this kind of analysis insights can be generated with data science. Now coming to machine learning.

It’s something like supposing a robot. If a machine learning model is deployed inside it which we will do imagine analytics and understand, which portion is a weed. So to spread the weed-friendly fertilizers on this particular part without wasting much and polluting the soil. So that robot will spread only in this particular area where weed is present. It won’t go beyond this area. So this is machine learning.


I will summarize so deep learning is a part of machine learning which itself is a part of artificial intelligence and data science is something and data science is something that goes through all the artificial machine learning deep learning and some other tools to give business insight to us.

So thank you very much. Hopefully, you got some bit of Clarity on all the terms. So please write your feedback and if you have any doubts ask in the comment box.

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