What is digital India? importance of digital India.

What is digital India?, welcome to the brand new blog, we usually write on placements, IT technologies but this time the blog is on the Indian mission of digitization. In this blog we will be talking about what actually is digital India mission, what are its objectives, and what impact will it have on future India.

The blog will be all-around Digital India. So if you love IT and the software world you should read this blog. You will get to know about the Indian government initiative in the IT sector.

What actually is Digital India?

Digital India is a mission to transform Indian into a digitally empowered country. The mission mainly focuses on digital Infrastructure, digitalization of Government services, and also empowering citizens for the digital world. The aim of the mission is nothing but to boast the Indian economy with the use of technology. In general, there are a total of nine pillars of growth areas namely

  1. Broadband Highways
  2. Universal Access to mobile connectivity
  3. Public Internet Access program
  4. E-governance
  5. E-Kranti
  6. Electronic manufacturing
  7. IT for jobs
  8. Early Harvest Programs

The Indian Government are in views to empower the growth of Indian by promoting the above services in the country.

What is E-Kranti?

E-Kranti is a national e-governance plan, its objective is to redefine the national e-governance plan to bring about transformation and outcome-oriented e-governance initiative to provide integrated services and to promote optimal usage of core ICT and promote citizen-centric services.

Silent features of Digital Indian Mission

  1. The public-private partnership will be preferred, whenever there is a need in any E-governance project.
  2. For the effective management of the digital India program, the program will be under the monitoring committee of the Prime minister, Digital India Advisory Group, and Apex committee
  3. For the faster implementation, design, and development of e-governance projects, there will be chief Information Officers, who are selected by at least  10 key ministries.
  4. To speared the love and benefits of Digital India to every corner of the country, a vast network of services centers has been created. Till now there are over 2.5 lakhs active Common services centers. This in turn will develop digital entrepreneurs among the poor and underprivileged people of India. For more detail on Digital India visit Introduction | Digital India Programme | Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology(MeitY) Government of India .

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