What is cloud computing? , explaining cloud with examples.

What is cloud computing? do you know where you store your emails, where you post your photos? You will be surprised to know that you daily use this technology. Cloud has become an essential part of our businesses and our daily life. So today in this blog, we will see how the cloud was invented, why the cloud needs, and also see some modern perspective on it. We will explain all the concepts with examples rather than a definition. So that you can understand better.

History of cloud computing

Let’s get back to the 1990s, At that time if you are hosting a website, so what will you do? You will set up your own system as a computer, you will write a code and you will deploy that on your computer. Then that website will be visible to the users on the web.

Now let’s say today you are receiving traffic of 1,000 users. Now tomorrow what happens you suddenly start to receive the traffic of let’s say, 10,000 users. Now, you will need heavy infrastructure to support that. After that, you will go to the market. You will buy another computer and then you will come to join both the CPUs and now you’ll have a bigger performance. But the traffic will not be the same always, therefore many times your CPUs will not be utilized. So it will be a waste of money.

For the solution to the problem many company launched cloud services. I think IBM was the first who began to provide cloud services.

What is cloud computing?

Let’s understand with an example, you will understand better. To deal with the problem, IBM and huge companies came into the picture. Since they also faced similar situations. These companies went to the market and they purchased one lakh computers because they have high purchasing power.

Let’s say 200 were empty because 200 weather systems where their infrastructure was not being used by our IBM services or their websites. Now they began to rent out those 200 CPUs.We as people who are hosting their services or websites. We took advantage of renting out their systems their infrastructure and it saved our money. This was the first essence of the cloud.

In any cloud solution, there are two things one is the cloud and the other is the platform. Have you ever heard of the Google Cloud platform? Then what is the platform? The platform part is where your software, your packages, and services lie. And the cloud is the infrastructure part where your computation power, or your RAM, or your hard disk is kept.

Who provides cloud platform services?

There are many cloud platforms like

  • Google Cloud platform
  • AWS
  • Azure

all these are the companies that provide Cloud as well as good platforms. With monthly charges, you can build your venture over these trusted services. So they are providing a complete infrastructure on their Cloud so that you will not go anywhere. You can create your models there and you can deploy them thereby using their services. You can try these services for free for a short load. But say if you are running a big growing venture. With time your traffic will also increase. So here comes Google collab and Kaggle infrastructure.

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Now, if you are planning to create your own venture, or blogs like us. You can use cloud with the popular platforms. Many people are shifting there business online with the changing world. You can also become a cloud engineer, by learning online. I recommend Introduction to Cloud Computing on Amazon AWS for Beginners. Share and comment, if you have any queary,

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