What is big data? get salary in 1 crores.

A majority of the masses confuse the term ‘Big data’ and what is big data?, with the volume or size of data from the sound of its name. However, this is simply not the case. Sure, Big data is enormous and ‘big’ in number, but it isn’t just limited to the amount of data. It reaches much more beyond its volume and size.

So exactly what is big data?

It can be defined as the overwhelming amounts of data that keeps accumulating from various sources all over. This type of data is available in different types of formats. The relational traditional type of database systems are not capable of managing this kind of data, this is because of the miscellaneous nature of this kind of data.

However, one thing is for sure and that is – it exceeds the cube of being an assemblage of many databases that are available in different formats. It can be made use of for obtaining a number of benefits, this has been made possible because big data is a crucial asset. It is available in about three different kinds of formats, they are

  • a) structured,
  • b) semi structured,
  • c) Unstructured.

Structured Data

In the case of structured, the example that can be seen is RDBMS, the data is present in an organized manner along with a fixed and immobile schema.

Semi structured

On the other hand, in semi-structured we can see data that is partially organized and is not available in a fixed format. The example here is JSON and XML. When it comes to unstructured data,

Unstructured data

The data is in an unorganized format along with a schema that is unknown. The example that we can see in unstructured is the video as well as audio files, and many more.

What is the Scope of Big Data?

Various Opportunities of Jobs: Certainly, your career path is about to transform when you decide to go into the branch of Big Data. The many career opportunities you will find after entering the branch of big data are inclusive of-

• Data Analyst

• Data solution architect

• Data Engineer

In accordance with IBM, about 59% of the Data Science & Analytics (DSA) demands jobs are in the sector of IT, Insurance, Finance, and Professional Services.

High Payment / Wages: It has been reported by Forbes that the employers are more than willing to offer sky-high pay for those in the role of a data scientist, about 48,736 dollars above the graduate level and median bachelors’ wages, these excelling applicants earn from a starting salary of about 80, 265 dollars.

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Increasing Demand in the number of Professionals: Forbes has stated in one of its articles that IBM has predicted that the demand for the role of data scientists will increase by twenty-eight percent. It is estimated that by the arrival of the year 2020, the openings for jobs for all of the US professionals will soar from the current 364,000 openings to about 2,720,000 as stated by IBM.

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