What is amazon web services, AWS? AWS Non-tech Guide

Today will be talking about AWS, which will be exploring some concepts related to Amazon Web Services. What is amazon web services, AWS? This will be a non-technical overview of cloud services, especially Amazon Web service.

What is amazon web services, AWS? Types of Amazon Services

Amazon is a company which we use for purchasing products. Amazon has it’s own business partners, has got millions of active customers on amazon.com. People go there and buy whatever they want. Amazon has its own warehouse where they package all the products for delivery. Moreover, it has a lot of relationships with local vendors to fulfill demand.

So this the physical part of Amazon, where it fulfills the people’s demands. People are aware of this service, but people are not aware of Amazon’s web service. Its web service is a very amazing utility which is offered by Amazon. It’s a core service where you can move your entire IT infrastructure. You can move everything into AWS, your hardware, your software everything.

AWS is being currently used by more than millions of customers in more than 190 countries. so let’s understand more about this so in order to understand what is the meaning of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

When we run a website or save the data of all our customers. We need some data analysis team, few developers, entire CPU. In short, we have to build an entire infrastructure. With cloud computing, we don’t need to buy the machines, CPU, or database. Rather than building our own infrastructure, we can use cloud computers. Cloud computer has CPUs, and all the hardware needed to run any website or database.

So with Amazon Web services, you can just use all the computers of AWS, without actually buying machines physically. You have to pay some monthly charges for using the services. Now let’s talk about a key features of AWS.

Consider your thought of buying some machines for your website. You bought some extra machines for meeting the extra load. But your server often has high traffic. Then in such cases, your CPUs will be waste.

With AWS, you can use as many machines as your website or database grows. When the traffic is high, more CPU will be used and when the traffic is low CPU utilization will be reduced. This is to save you money. This is the main advantage of using services like Amazon Cloud services. With AWS-like service you can focus more on your business and Amazon will take care of all your servers. Other services By AWS are

  • In disaster management, you will never lose your data.
  • Load Balancing. Distributing traffic for better performance.
  • Pay as you go.

So using Aws, you don’t have to worry about CPUs or any other hardware. All the machine work will be managed and maintained by Amazon. Like Amazon, there are other cloud services like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Conclusion: Other there many other services which are really awesome. But this is a non-tech article, if we talk out the technical terms you might get bored. So if you are interested in a technical article please let us know. If you like What is amazon web services, AWS? Then make sure you share it within your community. Also, you can ask your question from the comment section. Thank you.

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