What is a software engineer? The reality of the IT industry.

What is a software engineer, today in this blog we will be exploring what does a software development engineer actually do? The blog is written based on the experience of my friend who is a software developer at Amazon. To be honest, when I was in college I used to think that a software engineer, only writes complex data structures and algorithms the whole time. But after interviewing my friend all of my doughts got clear. So let’s start.

Fixing the bugs

The days of a software engineer goes with debugging and understanding the relationship between different parts of the service. An engineer has to search for the problematic code and has to fix and push the code in production. You might think that this is a very easy task. But honestly speaking bug fixing is really tough. Because you have to understand the code written by other developers.

So advice for newly future software engineers will be to be good at reading and understanding the code of others. You can master this by upgrading the open-source projects on Git Hub.


Meetings in corporate world are inevitable there are different kinds of meeting for example

  • daily
  • weekly team sync up to share their progress
  • blockers with each other
  • project planning

These are some of the important meetings managers usually conducted. A bi-weekly or monthly planning to assign tasks to their tasks along with the deadlines requirement. The collection is also necessary for you to need to get in touch with your customers to understand and create better products and services. Another meeting that the software engineer has to attend is regarding the design reviews. There can be multiple interactions for the type of meeting. Design and implementation is the phase where software engineers get to write some code.

Code review

There is a senior developer that makes high-level and low-level designs for the product based on their experience. A junior engineer after designing and getting it reviewed by the seniors writes the code. To validate the code written follows the best practices and not break the existing system it is reviewed by senior developers. The senior developer, try to comment on as many mistakes as they could so that the quality of the product will not suffer.

Fun in companies

A software engineer, get a chance to do fun in the office by playing games including table tennis, cheese, and most people are on Playstations. They also go on trips monthly or quarterly but it really depends on the company and the team. Watch this video on the life of a software engineer. Link: https://youtu.be/9S_fnC5jPgw


The life of a software engineer is more than what I just said, it starts with daily challenges but SED learns to make their way to design better products and services for the company. If you wanted to become a software engineer in the future start preparing. You can check our website for getting into the software field. We have lots of blogs on software engineer. Meanwhile, you can check How to become a software engineer, life of software engineer.

Hope you like What is a software engineer? The reality of the IT industry. If yes make sure to share and comment if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer you. Comment on which topic you want a blog, we will present it as quickly as possible. And Best of luck with your dream job. Bye.

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