What folder android app has? Project folder and structure.

Welcome back guys, What folder android app has? Project folder and structure. Today we will be looking at what file an android app contains. All the files that are used to make the android apps will be discussed in the article. If you wanted to know what is inside an android app, or you wanted to start android development in the future this is for you. So get started.

What is Android manifest?

Android manifest is the file in which we declare all the components which may be required in the working of our Android app. It is mainly used to list the permission that will be required to run the app on a mobile phone. Like the permission to use the user’s camera or internet. The android manifest is like a disclaimer to use a particular app. While publishing android apps Google play thoroughly checks the android manifest file.

What are XML and Activity?

Basically, the android app consists of an XML file and a Java file. As a user, consider the XML file as the layout of the app. This file is for creating the layout of your android app. For example in this file, you can have Buttons, images, sliding menu like stuff. In general, all the stuff is related to the user experience of the app. With this file, you can create an awesome UI, which can make your android app beautiful.

On coming to the activity file, it is nothing but the java code of your android app. All the logic and functions of the components will be decided in this file. The activity file is integrated with an XML file to perform a certain task, for example, the Button click event. All the Java code will be written in this file. All the functionality you wanted to give to your user will be in this file.

What is Build? Gradle file?

It is the backbone of your android application. This file contains all the information of your application like which device the application can support, version number, etc. You can add some third-party libraries to your app to give extra features. By adding the dependencies you can add the premade functionalities to your android app. Most people prefer importing libraries over making the functionality on their own. The injection of the third-party libraries makes the life of android developers easy. You should consider using some libraries in your project.

Hope you got information on the Project folder and the structure of android apps. If you wanted some more content on android development then comment below. If you wanted to become a professional android developer with some free courses then check out The best free android development course #6. Make sure you share ucompare.in within your android community.

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