Waste your time on this, or work hard.

Waste your time: How are you passing your time during Lockdown? Let me think that playing games on phones and by watching  TV or by sleeping. It will affect your body and make you lazy like this.

So, today’s blogs are especially for students and teenagers because this time at our age mind is active and energetic. And at this time we give our 100%.

Just look around yourself most of the thing in the world is man-made like a computer,  cell phones, etc. This thing is also someone’s dream and it became true because there passion is toward there dreaming. For that my suggestion is in this lockdown, think of your dream that you are looking for. what you wanted to become. 

Ok so look around yourself and close your eyes for 5min. Take a deep breath. After that look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself that. what is your real goal? what is your real ambition from your life?

 We all seeing the dream from our childhood but we never stop dreaming why? Because we know that we can see anything an achieve anything but in our dream how many of us are working on it to make it true if you are trying then it good if not then you are crushing your dreams. 

We all are dreaming to become rich riding a sports car, bike and travel around the world.over our private jet. So, At least tries it not all but something you can get from your hard a dedicates yourself you will fail but we know that ‘failure is the key to success ‘. 

After achieving that you will feel proud that I had done something that I wanted to do actually in my life that what I was looking in dreams.  

But don’t stop there because this is the time you are moving toward your success try to upgrade your dreams. Most of the successful people in the world who are now billionaires had worked on there dream to became billionaires because they face failure but they don’t stop they never give up until they got success. 

  • What are you dreaming? 
  • What you can do for it? 
  • And how can you be successful in it? 

So either Waste your time or work hard it does depends on you.

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