Types of programming errors with examples. Python Errors

Today we will be discussing errors. Types of programming errors with examples. Python Errors. will be mainly based on python programming. We will be talking about the 3 main types of error which every programming language has. Along with some examples for your better understanding. So let’s get started.

So whatever code you write you always do face some error. Some might be easily resolved while some take time. So here is a brief discussion about some errors. First comes the syntax error.

Types of programming errors with examples.

syntax errors are errors in a code that the computer cannot interpret they are also known as compile-time errors. These errors are basically caused because of wrong spelling, the omission of some important and special characters, or inconsistent use of indentation. Some examples are A column missing error. Here comes the second error.

They are errors that cannot be detected until the runtime starts. They are often caused because some data does not exist. These types of errors are only found at the runtime and often removed through lots of testing. Its example will be like if the input is asked in String and if the input is given an integer then this will cause a runtime error. This types of error can be found only after running the code

logical errors are errors, in code that does not throw an error at all. But simply do not do what they are intended to be. They are most difficult to spot. They can be found through full and extensive testing mode. Its example can be “<” and “>”. If these symbols are not used properly then our output can go wrong.

Types of error in python programming

  1. Type error. This type of error occurs when the wrong operation is applied to the wrong values. For example. In the sum of two numbers, you can not put the String as an input.
  2. Value error This error occurs when you give invalid input to casting. An example of value error. When you enter a non-integer value in the place of an integer value.
  3. Name error This error usually occurs when you use undefined names in the program for example if you define a variable this error will occur.
  4. zero divisor error this type of error, when when we try to divide an integer by zero.
  5. File not found error. These occur when we open a non-existing file in a read mode.
  6. io unsupported operation if you try to write on a file which is open for reading or vice versa then this error occurs.
  7. Index errors this error basically occurs when we try to use an index that does not exist for example, in the Array of 10 values we can not ask index of 15 or 20.
  8. Key errors. This error occurs when we try to use a key that does not exist.
  9. Indentation error This error occurs because of the wrong indentation.
  10. Module not found error. this error occurs when we import a module that does not exist.

For more details on the error, you can check the official documentation by Python developers or read Errors and Exceptions in Python


If you wanted to learn the python programming language you can read 5 reasons why Python is the best programming language. This article will help you to choose a programming language. Moreover, it also has some free material for learning Pyhton. So if you are interested in python go ahead.

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