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Top 5 part-time jobs for students Nowadays many people especially students are searching for part-time jobs. The question is why these students are in need of a part-time job. Not only teenagers but also students under the age of 18 are searching for jobs online. According to a survey on part-time jobs. Students are in need of part-time jobs because

Why students need part-time jobs

Many of the students wanted to invest in stock market

The main motive was to become rich

And also a large no. of students wanted to spend on there luxury

like buying branded shoes and clothes etc.

A few needed money for daily expenditures

Like rent of room etc


  • Students need money only for there luxury
  • Many are thinking that doing part-time jobs can make a man rich

If students have such an approach then very few will be successful in life. Anyways if you wanted to become rich stay connect to us

So, here are some of the Top 5 part-time jobs for students.

1.Part-time delivery boys for students.

Many people are doing delivery boy jobs nowadays. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Uber, Foodpanda, Zomoto, and Swiggy are in need of people who can be their delivery partners. Any students above the age of 18 can easily get these kinds of jobs. The salary is also decent inconsideration to part-time jobs. Things you will need to get this job is

  • A Bike along with all the proper papers-like registration etc.
  • A driving license.

And that’s all, we had keep this at first in the list of Top 5 part-time jobs for students because this job can be easily aquired.

2.Part-time driver job for students

Mostly students of PG do these kinds of jobs as every bachelor student can’t afford to buy a car. The main advantage of this job is a high salary. The salary in this job is nearly equal to a full-time salary as compared to other professions. Many people are earning up to 60k revenue from these kinds of jobs. Companies like Uber and ola are dominating this market. All you need is

  • A car in proper condition
  • Proper papers of the car
  • A driving license.

3.Part-time internships for students

I think this is the perfect job for a student pursuing anything like engineering, business, or any professional degree course. Doing these jobs or internships can build your resume and make you more eligible for future jobs. Although the selection criteria are a little hard in big companies in small companies you can definitely get an internship but the salary would not be satisfying. You can search for an internship on One of the best platform for jobs and internships

Visit Internshala for getting your first internship, you have to gain some skills before you apply for an internship. As the companies are in search of talented students. You will need

  • A good resume
  • Some skills set to showcase the requiters
  • And patience.

I personally like internships, although many people say that internships should not be kept on the list. We had kept so you must try.

4.Working at call centers

This is also one of the jobs which many people do during there college life. But there is a dark reality with call centers job. Although the salary is decent the work pressure is too high. Most people leave this job in the first month after joining. Many people get depressed while doing this kind of job. These jobs are not recommended for students as due to work pressure they will not be able to invest the time in there study.

What you will need to get this jobs

  • You must be 12th std pass.
  • Good proficiency in the required language

5.Working as freelancers

At last the most awaited part-time job. Most trending job in the recent job market. The work of freelancers is one of the best jobs anyone can get during there college. Many people are doing these jobs for there full-time revenue. They work par-time but they get paid more than a full-time job holder. But one catch is there in these kinds of jobs. The reality is that very few people get this job. You must gain some professional skill sets to get freelancing work online, Websites like Upwork,, and people per hour are dominating this industry.

Many people may say that this job should be at the first place in the list of Top 5 part-time jobs for students but it is not easy to get freelance work so we kept it at last.

You will need

  • Professional skills.
  • Good marketing and customer strategies.
  • Good communication skills is must.

Did you like this list of Top 5 part-time jobs for students feel free to share this with your friends. Till then stay happy:) Also if you like you can check our article on online mods of income for students by pressing here.

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