The best free android development course #6

Free android development course, are you searching this term on the internet. Do you want to learn android development for free? Then this article can really start your android journey. But before, showing you the course, comment below why you wanted to learn android development.

  • Are you working in coorporates, and wanted to get boast in your JAVA salary.
  • Or you are a student, wanted to earn some money using android development.

Comment below, if you have any special reason for learning android. With this let’s start the list.

Codecademy, free android development course #1

The first course is for beginners, who don’t have any idea of java or android. The style of this platform is different from other sources. Although there are no videos, there are lots of projects and assignments.

As a matter of fact, coding can never be learned while watching videos and by or watching youtube videos. Coding is all about solving problems and practicing every day. With Codecademy, this is possible. It has a free java and android development course. Remember there are no videos, only text material. Thus you many dought to enroll in the course. But trust me guys go-ahead. After the completion of the course, I guarantee that you will come again to our blogs for thanking us. Click on the link to know more.

Keep on reading there is a surprise for you. In the middle, (I don’t know where it is.)

Udacity, free android development course #2

I think most of you are familiar, with the name Udacity. Do you know why Udacity’s name is so popular in the world of android development? ?? This is all because of Google. It is because Google promotes Udacity as if Udacity is his son.

Whether you are a beginner or you are already working as a Java developer. Udacity has courses for everybody. It has everything in video format if you like to study by watching videos. Then Udacity will be best for you. Although projects and assignments are for a premium member, you can learn a lot with the free premium videos.

Almost every, android aspect is covered in Udacity courses. Right from basics to Firebase. Follow the link to start android development.

Coursera, free android development course #3

No introduction for Coursera. As almost every internet user might be knowing about it. These days Coursera is giving everything for free. Hence, it is the right time to learn android development with Coursera. There are always a few android courses for free. This free course has videos, projects, and also lots of assignments.

What else you want? There are over 100s of courses on android development which is absolutely free of cost. The trainers are also well qualified in their skills.

Coursera is one of the oldest platforms for learning online, so you can trust it. I am an android developer, and I still like learning on Coursera. There projects and assignments attract me the most. As said earlier coding is all about practicing. Check out the site now.

Eduonics, free android development course #4

I don’t have much information, about Eduonics. But recently when I posted an article on a free Android development course. I got a huge response to the article. People actually liked the free course by Eduonics.

It is a start-up, which is similar to Udemy. So I and my team-taught of supporting them. To tell you honestly, the free android course is just awesome. It has videos, project,s, and assignments. Everything it has. But is it new in the race of online courses? So you and I should support it. Check out our trending article on Eduonics, the link is

Or you can directly enroll in the course

The bonus,

Do you want free pro membership of Codecademy, this is what you waited for. Follow the link, to get pro membership.

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