The online source of income, how you can earn money online.

Namskar dosto apka swagat hai hamare website jispe hum majedar cource day to day life style our current updates ke bare mai bat karte hai. Aur aj ka blog bhi majedar hone vala hai to deri n karte huye chaliye shuru karte hai……..

1 simple an short source of income

Hello guys we all know that in market the value of product is increasing day by day but our salary didn’t. if it increases we can’t spend more money on that porduct which we wanted to get.

And you really wanted it then you started saving.. But i have an amazing idea to make more money by doing side hustleing means if you do something from where you can get money it better no it more better… An im going to tell you about where you gonna do to make money.

There is many online platfrom where you can creat your account… Such as

  1. Instagram
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Bloging

How to earn from instagram

For earning money from instagram the one thing you must need an instagram account if had it its good you can download it 👇👇👇

After downloading make an instagram bussiness account an start posting you quality picture and an make sure your followers must be incresing and when you get many followers you can do 3 thingh..

  • You can be a affiliate marketer.
  • You can be influencer .
  • You can sell your own products.
  1. Affiliate marketing means what..

It means you can start selling products on your online platfrom just by branding pramoting it an by providing link if people buys it you can get commission direct from company….

How to earn from youtube

Most of the people are starting YouTube channel just for enjoyment some of the are earning from more that they earn from there jobs.

So the question is how we can earn it just you have to make your YouTube channel and wait till you grow your channel by placing daily video on any market update etc.. Once you get a lack of subscriber you can fill affiliate programs from and promote the ad on your channel and start earning..

You can watch our previous blog about YouTube .

How to earn from blogs?

If you want to know more just navigate to our previous blog.

So danyavad dosto apka bahot shuqriya blog par ane ke liye hum eisehi naye blog laate rahenge tab tak ke liye good bye an don’t forget to subscribe hit the red icon for notifications …..

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