JavaScript vs Java, free course in JavaScript.

JavaScript vs Java. In this article we will be talking about, what exactly is JavaScript, who developed JavaScript, and also is there any connection between JavaScript and Java. So we will be deep diving into JavaScript, it will be an introduction for those who are new to the programmers.

Additionally at the end of the article you will find some free sources for learning JavaScript. With this let’s get started.

Why JavaScript was developed.

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language. The meaning lightweight is it is easy to understand, easy to code, and easy to execute. Moreover, it runs very faster and smoothly in any machine. Also, it has higher performance as compared to other programming languages.

JavaScript was designed for webpages to interact with users for a better user experience. It was designed only for web domains like you know making HTML and CSS. This makes a web page alive and makes it very interactive with the users. This is the main reason why JavaScript evolved over time. To know additional features of JavaScript you can check 6 reasons why JavaScript is the best – for web developers.

JavaScript and Java, is there any connection.

The big confusion between JavaScript and Java, people think that they both are the same. But it is not true, though it is derived from Java, the concept of Object-oriented programming in JavaScript is taken from Java. Initially, JS was called a live script and this name was given by a company Netscape. The live script was the initial name of JS because it was mainly used for making webpages alive. So this was a short history of JavaScript.

JavaScript vs Java

JavaScript evolved over time and not it is a fully independent language, it has its own specification like ECMAScript. JS comes among the top 3 programming languages in terms of popularity. Moreover, JavaScript is sub passing Java. With a lot of cool features, I think JS is the best when comparing with Java. It executes faster and also lightweight. For running JS you will need a JavaScript virtual machine. Almost every browser has a JavaScript virtual machine.

Look at the above graph, you can clearly see that the popularity of Java is decreasing over time. And on the other hand, the JavaScript graph is increasing over time. I am sure that soon JavaScript will pass over Java. Both languages are great. Java is best for android development and JavaScript is best for web development. Personally, I use Java for my android projects and JavaScript for web projects.

Free and paid sources

In my point of view, you will get more value and knowledge in less time when you pay for something. So always paying for a course will be the best choice, but if you can’t then definitely go for a free course we will provide both the links to you. The first is a paid course by udemy. It is a bestseller JavaScript course.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: From Zero to Expert!

The next is an equally valued playlist on Youtube. A channel named Traversy Media has awesome content on JavaScript. You should definitely look at it once.

Conclusion: Before going, I have an advice for you. Always make notes of whatever you learn. Also, many people tend to leave coding within a few days after starting. So make sure you stick to it for at least 3 months. You will find changes. Share and comment if you have any questions. Happy coding.

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