How to write a resume that attracts Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

How to write a resume that attracts Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can get interviews with our top tech companies like Facebook Google.

I wanted to share these things with everyone so there are two main things you need to do in order to get an interview at these companies the first thing you need to do is to make a good resume I’m going to tell you how you can get make a good resume.

How to write a resume that attracts Google, Facebook, and Amazon.?

length of your resume

It should only be one page long with only the most relevant content for the role you’re applying for. The recruiters of these companies get a lot of resumes in a day and they only spend like five to ten seconds looking at your resume so you only want to show your most relevant strengths the only case where you can have your resume longer than one page maybe if you have like seven-eight years of experience.

some companies will even throughout the resume before you were looking at it if it’s longer than one page. So let’s talk about the actual content on your resume your first section should be about

First section:

Your basic information your name your number your email do not add your address as it’s kind of irrelevant. The next section should be on your education.

Education section

Do not put your high school here. Put only University along with your GPA if you have a not-so-good GPA like below 7 on the scale of 10 then maybe don’t put it. Here in the next section, you should have all the relevant courses that you took.

Courses section

In university and in the section after that maybe you can add all the relevant courses you look at the outside of the university. For some other online platforms in the next section, you should have all the skills that you have.

Skills Section

Make sure to divide all these languages on the basis of experience that you have with them then you should have a work experience section. Where you explain your work in as much detail as you can in the limited space. That you have to try to quantify your work and explain it in points. For example, if you did a task that made the response time of a service faster then make a point. Where you say you decrease the response time of the service by some X percent instead of just saying that you made it faster, will not working.

project section

Two to three projects and at least one of them should be a fairly complex project. You should describe the projects in the same way you describe your work experience in points and try to quantify if possible add a point explaining all the technologies and the languages that used.

Try to use some buzzwords like machine learning or something. As companies use a system to pass all these resumes and filter the resumes based on some of these buzzwords. You can also have a section explaining your experience with programming contests or on the hackathon set of patterns and all your achievements.

Extra Points

  • The first thing that you need to do and I cannot stress this enough is to apply online at these companies career websites
  • Now the highest probability way to get an interview at these companies is to get a referral from someone you know in your network or some alumni from your university.
  • People are really incentive to give you a referral because if you clear the interviews and join their company they get a referral bonus which is quite a decent amount so try to
  • A lot of these companies conduct programming contests and challenges that they used to screen people for hiring purposes some examples are

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