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How to start coding If you are a fresher or doesn’t belong to any software development field or doesn’t have any coding background. Still wants to come in that field. But don’t know from where to start. This blog is for you.

Coding for what?

So the first question you should ask yourselves is. You should be clear about your motive. Whether you are a person who thinks that software engineers get a high salary. The second person would be who is actually interested in coding, the next will be who wanted to build his/her own venture, the last could be who wants to adapt to the changing market.

So first clear your motive, a clear vision will direct you to a clear path. And people with any motivation or motive tends to get stuck, and finally, give up. This will continue in every field of study.

How to start

To start coding in computer science there are lot of fields, a very few examples can be

  • web development
  • android development.
  • AI solutions etc.

So ask yourselves what is your motive, what is your interest in which field you want to go. Based on this you have to decide which programming language to choose. If you are a person who wanted to create a startup or grow a business online, then you should go with website making and mobile app development.

For Website making you have to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the basic language with which you can start. And later on, you can move to frameworks like ReactNative. For mobile app development, you can start with Java or flutter. And all other people should learn Python. Python is the easiest language out. You will enjoy learning Python and its giving up rate is 40%. It will be the best language to start with programming. Learn some coding basics for example if-else, what is looping, types of loops.

So to conclude, if if you are interested in web development learn the basics of Html CSS JavaScript. If you are interested in android development start with java. Or if you are interested to make some recommendations and chatbots start with python.

Next what

To actually learn to code you have to practice a lot, after deciding your motive get an online course. For online courses, you can check 10 Free and paid online coding courses. An only online course will not make you a coder, so for the practice, you can make various projects. If you have not decided motive. You should start with python projects.

So first understand the basics of that language then. Start with what are the tools and ide required to make a project. Your first project should be very very simple. In web projects, you can make a simple web calculator having some functionality of addition subtraction multiplication, etc. The strong advice will be don’t make a high-level project during the starting of your coding journey. Don’t directly start making a Facebook-like website or networking website.

To conclude start with a very basic project like a web calculator. If your motive is to get a job then start listing your projects on your resume.

For people preparing for jobs

For jobs, Data structure and algorithms are very very important. So your next step is to learn the data structures and algorithm. your logical thinking will come. With experience, data st algorithms will take time because you can’t be a great coder in just a week or a month. For this, I recommend a course by Udemy. You can download that course for free, just search the course name by writing “Free download” at the end. Link for the course: Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

In conclusion, if you like How to start coding

Things will take time to happen, it requires patience and consistency. And you should keep on working because the output you will be getting can change your life. Hope you like it. If make sure to share comments and bookmark our website. Comment what is your motive for learning to code.

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