How to get projects from, Best 5 tips.

How to get projects from . Many people are wondering, how to get the first project from Getting the project is always a difficult task. In fact, I had found many people biding for years and years. But no project in hand. So how can you land on your first project, in this article we will share some secret tips and tricks for your first project.

Remember, before you read tips. You should have a decent experience in the work. The work which you will be serving as a freelancer. Since customer satisfaction is the most important factor as a journey of freelancers.

How to get projects from

Start by contest

If you had ever used, then you might be aware of the contest section on the website. As a new freelancer, you must start by applying to contests. The contest is the place where you can show your knowledge and skills in a particular area.

Whereas, if you start by biding on the projects, no recruiter will award a project to you. Since people give projects based on your reviews and rating. And initially, you will not have any rating or review. So if you start by participating in the contest, you can directly showcase your skills to the project holder. In this way, you can acquire your first rating. And then you will find that people will start responding to your bids.

Employer’s review matters

Do you know, that employers also have a review? Remember, when you first bid on a project. Do the employers had asked you a mobile number or any contact details. If yes!. Then remember never to bid on a project or a contest, who has no review or 1 or 2 review.

There are many fake people on various freelancing platforms. And the only way to identify such people is through review. make sure that the project holder has at least 3 reviews. In this way, you can save your lots of time.

Stick to one site

There are over 10 to 20 popular freelancer sites like,,, Every site has nearly the features. So as a beginner it is recommended that to stick only to one freelancer site. I will recommend you to go for either or for Both of these websites are best for beginners.

So choose a single site and make sure you stick only to it. This will show you the best results. Moreover, this point is most recommend by professional freelancers.

Add more value and features to project

After landing successfully on a project. Make sure you add some extra features to the project. This can make the employer, hire you again and again. As a beginner, adding more values to the project will create an impression on the mind of the project holder. Think that the project you got is the last project of your life.

Do garnishing on the project, do everything you can do to make the project look better. Doing these things, I guarantee a 5-star rating will be awarded to you. After that everything will go easy.

General tips to remember

  • You will find that most people on, post generic bids. Take your time to read carefully the project and post a detailed bid on the site.
  • As a beginner, keep your bid price low. Tell you are new to the platform and hence you had kept the price low.
  • Don’t calm the skills which you had never work on.
  • Reply as quickly as possible.
  • Attach a real photo with a real name and everything real. Don’t add any fake data.
  • Give the exams, has several exams. This will not cost more than 4$. This can directly showcase your skills to employers.

Lastly, earning money online requires a lot of patience. So keep working. We would like to hear your stories in the comment box. If you like the article make sure you share it with your friends and family. For further reading we have an additional article on part-time jobs, you can read it from here.

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