How to get placed at Google like MNCs.

How to get placed at Google like MNc. This question is in almost every engineer’s mind. Many people around the world wanted to get placed in fortune 5 companies. The company like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the target of most engineers. But do you know how to get selected at a company like Google? As per the survey, most engineers wanted to get placed at Google.

From today we are going to share with you some secrets or tricks to get placed at Google. Here the tricks are not a shortcut to google or we don’t have any insider at google. I know this information because I am in contact with most newly placed google employees since I too wanted to get placed at my dream company(G0oogle). I am sharing this information based on my analysis, so this may contradict your so-called facts. 😀

So here are the list of things you must do to get job at google

1.Do internship:

The internship is a thing that attracts most recruiters as this not only shows your proficiency but also boosts your skills. By doing an internship you will be exposed to industry standards, developer tools, and most important the industrial problems. Hence a resume with a 2- 3 resume in the bachelor’s degree can definitely give you an edge over other engineers.

For getting an internship I will recommend As it has a wide variety of internships available like marketing, programming, web design, blogging, content writing, and many more. I suggest Internshala because of its

  • Technical support.
  • Beginner friendly and has a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Internships are available for any stream, for any academic year and most important the internships companies are literally genuine.
  • To be honest there are other platforms like

are also in the lead of providing internships to people in the Indian market.


Projects have equal importance as compared to an internship. If you have a good number of projects in your resume it can lead to a job at Google even though if you don’t have an internship in your resume. But if you have both then don’t worry you will get a job at Google. You can chill. :_)

Try to add at least 5 -6 projects to your resume, keeping a good number of quality projects can really boost your resume. You can add literally any project like projects android, web, java, phyton in your resume. A good number of projects will definitely land you a job at Google or any other fortune MNCs.

3.Some Certifications:

We are talking about industrial certification, not the certificates you get at Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin, etc. These days I found on LinkedIn that people are doing certification just to show to their teachers or peers. These days I found that many people were uploading certifications from Coursera. This certification will not lead you to Google. So don’t waste your time in the collection of such certificates. We also have an article on wasting time on certifications, Click here to read.

Rather you must do these courses only for learning purposes rather than only for getting a collection of certificates. So what certification you must get. Certifications like AWS, Google Cloud, CCNA, CCNP, Certifications from Red hat, EC- council certifications, This kind of industry-driven certification you must do, since this certification is globally recognized all over the world.

One tip: Always get a paid rather then free courses.

Now let’s see some of the resumes of recently placed Googlers, you can download this resume by clicking on the buttons below. Now first let me share my analysis.

  • Most engineers are emphasizing on Ds and Algo.
  • Aws certification.
  • Java.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Database Management System(DBMS).
  • Operating system.
  • Networking.
  • Internships
  • Projects

When I had chat with most google engineers I found most of them suggested me to master the above skills.

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Look at the resume and try to extract some other information. You can also add some values or suggestions from your side using the comment box.

So we had already talked about internships and projects. Now let’s talk about other points

  • AWS is the most demanding certificate if you are planning to get into an internship.
  • Java programming language which is demanded in most industries. Hence mastering the concepts of java is recommend by most Googlers.
  • Questions related to DBMS, operating system, and networking are asked in most of the interviews.
  • One secret tip: master in English language and especially in English accent.

Watch the video it will really help you

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