how to get job at Microsoft. Best insights.

Welcome back again, this article will be on how to get job at Microsoft, this article will be a story of my friend who is a software developer at Microsoft. Many students are confused about how to get into some big companies like Microsoft and what you should do?

So today we’ll get some insight into different things you can do in college. The boy whose experience we will be sharing is not from any IIT or NIT. He is from a tier 3 college, So if you are a tier 3 guy this article is especially for you.

how to get job at Microsoft

Road map during college

Firstly, you keep in mind that you don’t have to come from a computer science background, even the college does matter. but get your fundamentals clear. Don’t run behind interviews in the first year. Like I saw people doing competitive programming for jobs. This is not the way. Try exploring other things like the web, android, or ethical hacking.

An interviewer wouldn’t ask you any complex problems. Yes CP is important but it is not everything. CP is for increasing your problem-solving skills. So a little information on data structures is only needed. Right from the second year don’t think about your end placement. Rather than that, you should understand that I am learning right now about data structures and its significance will be shown when you will make your own projects.

The problem-solving skills gained from CP will help you during your entire journey of coding. Lastly, I would recommend that by the end of your second year make the data structure strong.

How to apply.

Many students are from tier 3 college, companies like Microsoft or Google never come to their campus. So for such students, there are basically several programs that companies offer you should look out for in their careers portal.

Microsoft has something called an engaged mentorship program wherein they select people and then they will mentor them and then they will give them an interview opportunity and then resulting in jobs. There is also a Microsoft internship program, which is an annual event it’s called as generally nationwide hiring program where you apply, there will be some online round, and then there will be an on-site interview process.

So it’s not like, if you’re the company, is not coming to your college that’s not the end of it. It definitely takes some more effort from your side to go to the careers portal of various websites. Moreover, create a powerful network of people who trusts you. So Linkedin can help you to create your network.

There a special annual program by Microsoft name Tech set Go program. There are some online coding rounds through which Microsoft can shortlist you.

About the interview

On cracking the 1st round of the Tech set Go program, you will be shortlisted for an interview call. After getting to the interview you will be asked to write the test on pen and paper. Basically, know as pen and paper rounds. In this round, you have to write the actual code on pen and paper. So practice writing code on pen and paper. There was a question like predict the output, solve the errors. The interview consists of 3 coding rounds.

Secondly, you will be asked questions about your projects. Questions like what problems did you face while making the project. Why you taught to make such a project can be asked during the interview.

Importance of certifications and internships

Internships will add a lot of real-life work experience rather than any project. So doing an internship during your college will definitely give you an edge over other people. It will make your problem-solving skills better. Moreover, during an internship, you can get an IPO for a job.

On taking about certification, they are useless, unless you have some relevant projects related to your certifications. You should be able to show, your projects related to the certification you did. Finally, I would say that a person with certification will always have an edge over other people.

Competitive programming vs development.

Competitive programming is always good to have. Since it increases your problem-solving skills. These skills might help while your interview. To tell you honestly, an interviewer will never ask you to code for a hard problem in 30 minutes. So try exploring other domains like web development.

Taking about the development part, it will open you some other domains. Your development skill will be shown in your projects. But only doing projects or development alone will not work. The interviewer may ask you some stack or queue problem, then you should be able to give the answer for it as well. So there should be a balance of both CP and development. For a free book on competitive programming check free books.

Some additional points to remember

I hope you got some key insights on how to get job at Microsoft. If you like the article make sure you comment your question. I am aware that you will not share such information to other people. But if you feel please share it to needy. Thank you.

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