How to get into the dream company. Preparation tips.

How to get into the dream company. Many people don’t have a CS or IT branch, and they think without this they can not get into their dream company. Many colleges don’t have good placement opportunities. So how can a student belonging to a nontech branch and decent college get placed at his/her dream company? I know many people who don’t have CS or IT branch and also they did graduation from colleges where the placement is worst they got placed to companies like Google, Microsoft.

So today, we will be sharing with you some tips and tricks to get to your dream company. No matter if you are not from branded colleges or if you don’t have CS, IT branch. You will get into your dream company. So let’s start.


So focus on only 1 programming language. Don’t waste your time exploring multiple languages. Just select 1 language and master it, Companies will never see how many languages you know. They only want a knowledgeable person. In most companies, Java and C++ are preferred. Also, most interviews will be asked in Java or C++. So select a language and master.

Data structures and Algorithm

So start DSA preparation from your second year. Companies will ask most of the questions directly from websites like GeeksforGeeks. So start as early as you can, it is beneficial. Do Strong your problem-solving skills, companies will look only at your problem-solving skills. Some other things you should look at are

  • Operation Systems
  • computer networks
  • DBMS

Projects and internships.

Since there is a lot of competition, you have to make a beautiful and eye-catching resume. For making such resumes you have to list some projects or internships. So get 2-3 good internships in your resume. If you don’t get internships then you can contribute to open source projects or can do projects which you like. The project should show your skills. For example, make a website with the latest technologies. People make many mistakes in making a resume, so making the best resume is the most important factor. For a resume, you can read.

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How to apply.

Apply as much as you can. Now after mastering the above skills you only have to apply. Without applying no one will give you a job. For applying make a profile at LinkedIn and start sending connection requests to peoples of your dream company. Start asking for a referral to the employees of the company. Most importantly don’t hesitate while asking referral, because they are happy enough to give you a referral. Since every company has a referral bonus on the selection of the candidate.

So post every day on LinkedIn and get connected with the employees. People will definitely find you and can offer you job interviews. Lastly, I will say, apply with all the power you have.

Some extra points.

  • There are always contest going on websites like HackerEarth, hackerrank, etc. Participate in as many as a contest. Many friends of mine got a direct interview call from companies like Paypal and Google, simply by participating in various contests.
  • Internships are important. So try getting into an internship.
  • Competitive programming is important but not everything. Rather than make DSAlGO strong, it will be enough.
  • Start preparing from 2nd year, if you are starting at third-year practice greeks for greeks interview questions.

Conclusion: Don’t take much tension, if you do those things every day. Then you will see the results. Don’t panic be calm and work daily. And don’t get demotivated if you are not in your dream college or branch. These things never matter, Only your skills matter. The company will only look at your skills not your college or background.

If you like How to get into the dream company. then make sure you share and comment if you have any questions. Comment if are not in your dream college or branch. Ask anything to us, We will answer. Good-by and best luck.

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