How to get a job at Facebook – interview experience

Hey, guys welcome back again to another article on How to get a job at Facebook – interview experience. Today we’re going to talk about the Facebook software engineer job and what we’re going to be doing today is basically going through the entire interview process and how you guys can succeed in getting a job at Facebook. We’re going to talk about what you guys should do to prepare. And some insights on the interview process.

I am sharing this information with my friend who is a Software engineer at Facebook. We can’t share his contacts or even his name, since it will be a violation of Facebook policy. So basically he was an interned at Facebook now from the past year he is a full-time developer.

About the interview

Facebook has some carrier portals where he applied. There were like three or four different interviews on the first day and then another two. they’ll ask you one or two standard coding questions. After selections, a few students will go through another few interview questions. Then finally you will be selected as an intern.

The interview was like a standard leatcode or hacker rank question. They also asked for extra things like optimizations and run time. So the first interview was all technical but, they also asked questions related to social or cultural fit. Basically, they will ask you leetcode problems.

The interview may last for 45 minutes has five minute break another 45 minutes another five minute break. So it be like three four three hours total.

how you prepared

For coding practice, I will recommend you to go with leetcode. It will be enough if you practice on the site. The most efficient way to do it and just like ticking all the boxes would be some side projects, one or two internships. So you will have a resume for getting into the interviewing stage.

Build a beautiful resume with the above points, you will definitely get a call for an interview. To write a perfect resume for giant companies you can read How to write a resume that attracts Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Just do leetcode. it’s the best way to prepare. You don’t have to become a competitive programmer. I know a lot of people who didn’t do anything but it’s just like once you’re comfortable with data structures. The guy will just be very confident. Because it’s really not possible that interviewers are gonna go and like make up their own problem like they’re engineers too they’re just doing their jobs. they’re just gonna use it as a pre-made question.

Points to remember

  • Projects and internships are important.
  • Good resume is very important.
  • Practice questions on leetcode.

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