How to get a job at amazon, easy steps.

Get a job at Amazon: How you can get a job at Amazon, its a dream of most engineers. The work culture is simply awesome at companies like this. In addition to this the salary is mind-blowing. If you wanted to get a job at Amazon this article is for you.

In companies like amazon, literally anybody can work irrespective of your degree, branch, or education. The only thing you must know to get into these jobs is programming and designing products.

A brief overview:

Our team of ucompare is in contact with over 100 employees of fortune companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft. And hence we have tons of resumes. With the power of these resumes we had told you about all the skills required to get placed at Amazon.

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How to get a job at Amazon:

I will not talk about internships and projects. But we are talking only about certification that will be required to get placed at these companies. Moreover, the list of certification will be for all types of students. (technical and non-technical).

1 Human resource certification(HR manager)

HR managers are responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants. Generally, this certification can be gained by any student, may it be an engineer or business student. Furthermore, HR certified by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) globally recognized by HR professionals. visit the site to explore their certifications and training .

2. Project Manager:

If you want that people should work under you, then this certification you must. I hope you know about project managers. To tell in short they are responsible for project completion. Thus get certified by Project Management Institute (PMI), for more information visit

3 Amazon Web service

AWS, this certification was most recommend by people of companies like Amazon, Google, etc. This certification is for engineers, actually for cloud engineers. Many people are moving toward the cloud. As a result, many are becoming AWS certified engineers. for more info visit

4 Cisco certified network associate

CCNA is also a certification for engineers, in general, these certifications are for people how wanted to become a network engineer. CCNA is the most demanded certificate among giant companies.

5.Microsoft Technical Certifications

The most trending certification of all time, Microsoft has a variety of certifications like Azure, Windows 10. Particularly Azure has the most value, so go and get you Azure certification. Follow the link

There is more certification, like red had, oracle, etc. Before leaving don’t forget to subscribe to our website.

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