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How to create an effective resume. For coding jobs. -

How to create an effective resume. For coding jobs.

How to create an effective resume, in this blog I am going to share the things that you should add to your resume. This blog will be specifically, for the people who wanted to work as software engineers. There are two main things that are expected from a software engineer. The first thing is coding and the second thing is teamwork. Since in IT you have to be smart enough to work with different kinds of people in the company.

Programming language and projects

let’s first discuss the things that you should add to your resume for showing your coding abilities. So the programming language is clearly the first thing in your resume that the interviewer looks at. Secondly, projects can show that you have the ability to read and write code. Hence you should add a programming language first and then the special projects you made along with internships you did.

Add only the programming language, which you have mastered. In the project section, you must clear that, if the project is made in a team or individually. Additionally, if you had done any internship you should definitely add it. So the main section and the first section of your resume should include only projects and skills.


If you have ever won a hackathon or if you got a good rank in the coding contest, then you must include these things in your resume. Not necessarily all the resumes will have the achievements section. If you had any achievements that your teacher is proud of, add only those. Don’t add achievements like the first medal in summing or running at school level competition. Rather than you can definitely add achievements of national-level, state-level or any government organized competition.

Social skills

Apart from technical knowledge, your resume must show how smart you are. It must tell the interviewer how smartly you can work. There can be many things that can act as proof of your smartness. But the main broad terms you can include are

  • Teamwork
  • work optimization
  • accomplishments

The first thing is teamwork, in companies you always have to work with various kinds of people. You must be smart enough to deal with the people around you. A group project or internship can show your teamwork skill. Optimization plus accomplishments must be added to your resume, it’s an example that will be like you brought down the expenses by writing an efficient algorithm.

What not to include in a resume?

The 3 common mistakes that most people don’t realize while drafting the resumes are like.

  • People write a lot of programming languages.
  • Many write about hobbies
  • School college achievements

A lot of people write multiple programming languages in your resume. Just add one or two languages that you have mastered. If you wanted to add multiple languages then add languages with the project you made. The second mistake that people make is they writing about hobbies like playing football, chess, etc. clearly the interviewer is not looking for a chess player. The third mistake which most people do is they add school, college achievements to the resume. Don’t do that. Just add the latest degree with the CGPA you got that is enough. All these things will help you to have a one-page resume.


These are the basic building blocks in writing a resume. There are lots of other things that are quite obvious in writing a resume. Such points I had not mentioned in this blog. But if you want one more article on resume writing then leave a comment below. You might like How to become a software developer. Best guide. Also, make sure you share it with your friends if you like this blog. And best luck with your future job.

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