How to choose the best programming language. FOR INTERVIEWS.

How to choose the best programming language. I have started getting a lot of questions about which language to learn. Many also asked which is the best language when it comes to job interviews. So in this blog, I am going to talk about an effective way to choose a programming language. For interviews and for other domains too.

Firstly, I have an advice for you, just master any one programming language for any dream you have. Whether it is machine learning, mobile development, web development, or for jobs and job interviews. Today we will be specifically talking about the best language for job interviews. So with this let’s start.

Which language to pick, my favorite language

You only can answer this question. Personally, I am an android developer, so I decided to choose Java over other languages. With Android development, I was also preparing for the job and I was aware of the fact that Java is the most used language in all the big companies. This is how I choose the language for me. With java now I can shift with various frameworks like Flutter or react-native.

One of my friends is a competitive programmer, so he selected C++. Since it is a faster programming language it helps him to get good ranks in coding content. For competitive coding I use Java, but after researching a lot I found that C++ is the best programming language for competitive programming. For more detail on C++ check out 5 reasons why C++ is the best programming language.

How you should pick

Firstly, you should decide on the type of industry. Like the gaming industry, companies like Nvidia rockstar, etc come under the gaming industry. So these type of companies creates software that requires very high optimization and less run time. For such companies, C++ is the best language. If your dream is to make games then learn C++.

The second type of industry could be the trading industry. In such industries, trade happens in seconds and milliseconds. So a minor glitch in the platform can reduce the number of customers to a great extent. Here C++ is preferred.

The third is my favorite industry, the software industry. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are included in such industries. So these companies have a lot of their software’s written in java and their developers are very much familiar with java. If you go well prepared with java in the interviews then you will be more comfortable during the interview.

Similarly, python is mostly suitable for data science profile. Python is mainly used in machine learning like fields. To be honest, you will never be asked to code in python during the interview. So it is not good from the interview perspective. But if you have too much time to face an interview then you can try exploring the python programming language. We can not discuss all the languages here, since there are millions of programming languages and a new is invented every day. So decide your area of interest and choose accordingly.

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Language best for interview

If you are in search of a job at It industry, then you should choose between Java or C++. There are only two options when it comes to jobs. But for your projects, you can choose any language you want. Like if you are interested in Machine learning then you can make projects with Python. But in the end, you have to either learn java or C++. Since all the interviews will be either in C++ or Java. And the speed of this language will give you an edge over other candidates.

Lastly, before leaving you should remember that never learn two languages before an interview or in general life. All the languages are best in their domain if you mix both then it will be problematic. Just decide your domain and areas of interest and choose the language. Hope you like this blog on programming language, If yes then make sure you bookmark my website and share my blogs to motivate me to write more. Comment if you have any questions. Happy Coding.

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