How to build website without coding

Build a website without any experience in coding, website development is always a favorite topic of many software developers. As many people wanted to take the business online. People are turning toward the web. Hence there is a huge demand for web developers in 2020.

Building a website is no easy task, but in a meanwhile near 2003 WordPress and blogger were launched, which had changed entirely the website development industry.

Now, there are two types of people

  • Web developer
  • Website designer

Web designer:

A web designer doesn’t need to code, only a designer task is to design a website, over the code of developer. Furthermore to say website designing is more simple as compared to writing the code. To summarize, to develop a website coding is needed, since there could be few small errors while designing web.

Web Developer:

Compared to a web designer, a web developer has to do any task, like design, coding, database management, and site maintainers, As a result, a developer is also a designer.

How to build a website without coding.

After the launch of WordPress, many people started to design a website on the code of other developers. Hence to make a website has become an easy task. Now anybody can develop a site with no coding experience.

But to be honest, designing a website is also a tough task, one must be familiar with custom build plugins, themes, etc. There are over thousands of courses to design a website on WordPress. Enroll in one of the courses and start designing your web.

Our team of ucompare, are also planning to bring a free course in website development and design. Which will include little coding and a huge designing part? So, comment if you want us to make a course. Make sure you follow us by pressing the bell icom

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