How to become an android developer in 3 months – Free courses.

Android development is the most trending carrier after web development, people are wondering how to become an android developer. Becoming an Android developer is all about the right knowledge. Due to the rise of mobile phones and new startups, there is a huge demand for android developers. People wanted to create their presence in the play store. Moreover, in terms of competition very few people are involved in android development as compared to web development. So it is the right time to grab this opportunity. If you wanted to become an android developer and earn some money you are in right place.

You can become an android developer in the next 3 months, but to make the thing happen in 3 months you have to implement what written in this article. Dedication from your site is required. So with this let’s get started.

How to become an android developer road map

Learn Java programming language.

Start with learning Java. Java is the most used language for android development. There are over millions of apps on the play store coded with java. Although there are other languages like Kotlin and other frameworks like Flutter. I suggest you go with Java. There are advantages of learning Java-like

  • In every IT industry, Java is used. So it can be your asset in the future.
  • There is a huge demand for Java developers. It opens two job profiles for you.
  • It has a massive community of developers.

The biggest advantage of learning java is that. A large number of people prefer Java for android development. So if you got stuck anywhere, there will be many people to help you.

For your first month learn only Java. To become a Java developer, I recommend a core java course by Internshala. It will clear all your doubts and make you a better programmer. Just take command over all the basics of the java language. If you don’t want to spend money on a java course you can learn with

Get an android developer course

After spending 1 month with Java, you will find yourselves getting bored. Since java is a complex language many people leave coding within a single month. I suggest you just stick to it, don’t get demotivated. To motivate you I have a good article for you. Read Coding/Programming is not easy, motivation for coders. Now at this point, you have to spend some money. There are no free good courses for learning android. If you spend time on free courses, you will learn just the basics. And this is not enough for making money. If you really wanted to become an android developer within 3 months the enroll in

The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps!, Bestseller on Udemy.

We don’t have any commission if you enroll in this course. This course can teach you android development in 1 month. The course has additional features like free hosting, icons, and an earning guide. So go and enroll. By that time you will complete your 2 months since starting android development. The next month is for generating some earning.

Start UI design

Download the free app Figma from It is the best app for designing buttons and other UI elements for android apps. You can collab with other UI designers. You can use Figma for creating banners and other stuff. Moreover, you can use it on your browser or as a desktop app. For a short tutorial on Figma check out this link.

UI design will decide how your earning will be. So focus on creating beautiful UI using the Figma application. If you wanted to know what I personally use for android projects then read.

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How to generate earning.

After completing the android course, you will find that. Now you can develop some basic to intermediate apps without any help. For earning you just have to register yourselves as an android freelancer on With time you will get projects and you will start earning as a freelancer. Remember to complete your own project while doing the course. And also make a beautiful portfolio of apps using the free hosting from the course. If you wanted to quickly start your earning as a freelancer then

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Lastly, just keep patience for 3 months. At the end of the 3rd month, you will find yourselves in a better place. If you found How to become an android developer in 3 months – Free courses. useful make sure you share it with all your friends and the coding community. Comment if you have any questions. Happy coding.

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