How to become a software developer. Best guide.

How to become a software developer. today in this blog we will be talking about how to become a SED. If you are someone, who wanted to get into companies like Microsoft, Amazon, or Google. But don’t know how to grab those opportunities then this blog is for you. In this article, we will be talking about all skills you will be needed, along with free and some paid resources to master those skills. So let’s start.

What skills are need?

To get into the companies you will need some skills, like coding, data structure, and ALGO Etc. But apart from entry skills, you can master some skills that are actually required while working as a software developer. If you master those skills, you will be directly shortlisted based on your knowledge. So the skills that a SED use while working are

  • Cloud computing
  • DSA
  • Java, C++
  • Testing frameworks
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Design Patterns
  • OOPs
  • System Design
  • Database

These are the skills that are typical, a software developer of any company has. You can get decent knowledge of those skills during your college. After mastering no one refuse you for the job.

Cloud computing

These days, cloud computing is in boast. Every second company is searching for a cloud engineer. Getting into the cloud saves a lot of money. So every company wants a good developer who knows cloud computing. To test and deploy cloud is required, for every small and large testing cloud is needed. So to master cloud you can go with

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

This is the core cloud provider, and most widely used cloud services. I will recommend you to go with AWS and get come AWS certifications. The people with AWS certification has a higher salary and a higher chance of getting a dream company job. The cost of certifications starts from 300$ and for practice courses you can go with

Learn Java or C++

There are many languages, but Java and c++ is the most used language when it comes to the IT industry. Python is great but it is very much restricted to the machine learning domain. So start getting into Java or C++. This language is easy to adapt and you can shift between any language after master any one of them. The initial learning curve of Java and c++ will be high, but this language will help you in every IT field. There are lots of free and paid courses available online for learning this language. For free courses you can check

Data structures and Algorithms

You don’t have to become a hardcore competitive programmer. Only you should have a decent understanding of DSA. DSA will mainly be required for getting cracking the interview. Moreover, these problems solving skills will help you in doing projects faster. There should be a balance between DSA and development. Don’t get extremely involved in DSA. Also, explore different domains like Web, mobile development, this will open a new world for you.

Apart from the above important skill sets, you should be good at databases, you should be able to debug your code, OOB and dry coding is very necessary. System designing and framework testing knowledge can be gained from an internship. So definitely get an internship if possible. Ok before leaving make sure you share and comment if you have any questions. Hope you like my blog, suggest any content if you want me to write.

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