How to become a data scientist. advice by a data scientist.

How to become a data scientist Welcome back to the fresh blog on data science. Today’s blog will be an experience of a data scientist. How he became a data scientist, which courses he took, which projects he made. The blog will show you a perfect road map to become a data scientist. If you wanted to become a data scientist in the future or wanted to get into the machine learning field then you must read this blog.

Wanted to learn AI

So most people are passionate about Artificial intelligence. With time they explore what is AI and concepts like machine learning or deep learning. So to start with such a job, you should first start with an artificial intelligence course. Ai course will give you a detailed overview of the AI field. For the beginner I will suggest Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI, this course will deep dive you into machine learning like things. The course contains real-life projects that will make you AI-ready

Moreover, some people may lose interest in AI, because in the field of AI the learning curve is too high. Those people who can survive can only make a carrier in this field and get a 6 figures salary.

Do a machine learning course

Search machine learning course on Google, you will see the first link of Andre ng machine learning course. This is one of the best courses and is highly rated on Coursera. I highly recommend you to enroll in this course if you are planning to start a carrier in data science. Link: Machine Learning by Stanford University | Coursera. Remember to make notes while learning anything related to coding. Write all the important points and the algorithms that you will be learning throughout your journey. This will help you to revise concepts during job interviews,

Other recourses

There are many websites to learn to code or to practice coding. But when it comes to data science very few websites offer practice material. But I have a website through which you can master machine learning. Machine Learning Mastery. The author of this blog is Jason Brownlee. He published articles very regularly on his website. Additionally, this website also contains a lot of free books on different topics like python, machine learning, deep learning, etc. I highly recommend you to check this website.

The last course you should take is Deep Learning by | Coursera. So it is a specialization course covering the basics of deep learning. Again The author of this course is Andrew ng. It will take around 3 to 4 months to complete the course with all the assignments. The assignments are really good. This course contains neural networks, deep learning, improving deep neural networks, structuring machine learning projects, convolutional neural networks, and convolutional neural networks topics. SO this course will completely make you a data science.

Now only course and video content will not make you a data scientist. To become a real data scientist you have to do all the assignments given in courses.

Internships and projects

To successfully become a data scientist you can not rely only on courses. You have to do an industrial project or internship in data science. With the power of the course, you can easily crack any interview. You can search for internships on Linkedin or StackOverflow or my all-time favorite Internshala. During the internship, you will learn real machine learning or data science concepts. So definitely try to get an internship.

This was all about the path to become a data scientist. If you like my blogs then make sure to share and comment if you have any questions. Ask me anything in the comments I will reply as soon as possible. If you are in search of some additional data science courses then you can check the 10 Best free data science online courses.

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