How to apply for GSoC? Google summer of code.

How to apply for GSoC, in this blog we will be talking about Gsoc. How to apply, what actually is Gsoc, and what the are benefits of Gsoc. In short, we will be discussing all Gsoc, its future benefits for your jobs, etc. If you are one who wanted to get a job at Google-like companies or one who loves doing coding this blog is for you. All the information is extracted from Google’s official website for more detail at the bottom, of the page.

What is Google’s Summer of code?

Google Summer of Code is a program run by Google every year. More than 15,000 students have already participated in GSoC. As the name suggests, it is organized in summer. The entire program is sponsored by Google to increase the contribution to open source projects. You can participate as an organization or individual in the program. The deadline to apply is in the month of March, so apply a month before. On talking about the organization, the popular ones are fedora, elastic, Python and Django are also there. So this is one of the prestigious platforms where developers contribute through coding.

What actually we have to do?

All the organizations that are listed in Gsoc, has some projects. You as a developer have to work on different project ideas. All the organization is selected and tested by Google, after selection for a particular project the company will send you a proposal to join. The selection is based on your past experiences. So good resume with some good projects and internships can lead you to Gsoc. After selection either you have to go to their place or work remotely. For writing a good resume you can check How to write a resume that attracts Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Why enroll in Gsoc?

There are many benefits if you get selected in Google Summer of code. Many people prepare year and year to get selected at Gsoc. Let’s directly talk about the benefits. The first will be you get to work on real-life projects, in short, you will get the experience as a professional software developer. Secondly, you will get a chance to work on a project which will be used by millions of people. The last and my favorite benefit is you will be sponsored by Google, you can also get a chance to fly to other countries along with a decent stipend. These are some of the benefits which I personally feel passionate about.

Moreover, if you get selected at Gsoc it is like a star mark to your resume. In the future, you can also get the chance to work for Google. If you are a developer, you must try to get into it.

How to apply for GSoC?

The deadline to apply is in the month of March. The selected students will be notified by the end of April. There are also some age constraints, only an 18 or above student can join this program. To see the important dates you can visit How it works | Google Summer of Code. All the information is detailed there. The application process will open in March, so don’t forget to apply.

If you are reading this blog, make sure you apply to Google Summer of Code. Make sure you share this blog with your friends to apply in the teams. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section. If you are searching for some other coding competitions then you are read Best 5 Prestigious Programming Contests. Happy coding.

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