Get an interview from Google, what exactly to do

Interview from Google, have you ever wondered. How Google selects there employees? Mostly Google hires the citizens of the US, the Uk, and Europe. To get into Google you have to complete your degree from the western countries. In addition, the students of western countries get a chance to face interviews form Google.

Although skills matter the most, the college is also a factor. What if you have all the skills but you are studying in a poor country. How will Google find you in the world? To face the interview you must show your presence to google.

Interview from Google, how to show your presence

If Google is not able to find you. Go in front of Google. I Mean to say show your presence online. Remember you must have all the skills needed. Before approaching google.

How to show online presence.

Do competitive programming.

Many people have certification in Java, python. But in reality, this certification is only a piece of paper. Getting a programming certificate will not make you a programmer. Problem-solving will make you a real one.

Unless you practice your skills, you will not become a real programmer. Since programming is all about endless learning. So go and start competitive programming from now. There are many websites like ,

Finally, after a lot of practice, you can join google code jam

Get your internship from google.

Before asking an internship to google, keep ready 2-3 internships in your portfolio. As google selects only those people who have real-world knowledge. Not just a piece of the certificate. If you relevant knowledge of developer tools, industrial standards. Google will select you for an internship.

And once you get into an internship, you will definitely get a job.

Make use of

Do you have an account on, if not go and make one? Linkedin the platform where you can get connected to the Google employees. You can create a connection with there employees. In turn, these employees will recommend you further.

You can also get an internship form, Creating an account, and start sharing your resume with the HRs. Show your skills and get selected, don’t try if you don’t have proficiency in your skills.

Apply directly at Google.

Login to Google, and apply for a job directly. Make sure you have a good number of internships and skills in your CV. The skills you must include are Android development, One programming language(Java or python), DBMS, Operating system. Include at least this skills in your resume. Moreover, you can also show your certification.

I am not talking about the certifications, gained from online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and all. Show certification like AWS, CCNA, CCNP, EC-Council, Red hat, etc.

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