Frontend developer vs Backend developer, What is the difference?

Many people get confused with the Front end and backend. Frontend developer vs Backend developer will be a comparison between the roles of the developer. This article will be a non-technical comparison. What task a front-end and backend developer does? Also, we will be looking at some technologies that are trending, and are used by both the developer. So if you confused let’s start.

Front-end developers, what they do?

The 3 most important things a front end developer has to do are

  • To make beautiful
  • To make interactive
  • and to make it accessible.

This is the core responsibility of a front-end developer. look at this page where you are. All the buttons, color schemes are developed by a front-end developer. People like to visit beautiful sites which feel new to their eyes, so here the work of front-end developer comes into play. A FE developer makes a website or any software really simple, clean, and easy to use.

Open our site on mobile and desktop, look at the difference. As the screen size changes the website changes. This is the beauty of a front-end developer. One-click and your site get customize according to the screen size. Look at any site, they have 3 things in common. Beautiful, interactive and are easily accessible. Front-end developer uses technologies like

  • React Native
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Angular are some of the technologies used.

What is the task of a back-end developer?

On coming to a back-end developer. So a back-end developer does everything you don’t see. When you post on Facebook or sign up for a newsletter, or post on Instagram. All your posts, in other words, data is stored somewhere. Consider our website you are reading this post on the front-end, but all the text, images, and links are coming from the back-end. Front-end developer and back-end developer has to work together to bring a fast and beautiful product.

Think of this page, if it takes 2 minutes to load. It is a bad impression on our users. So a backend developer has to make the data of the website easily accessible to the users by minimizing the latency of the website. Back-end developers create a dynamic portion of the website. And they do that with language like

  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Python
  • Ruby. All these are great back-end technologies.
  • For data storage people use
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • Acess
  • Mango

So to run an organization, the front-end and backend developer has to work with coordination. The front-end developer can’t do anything without the backend. And back-end developer useless without front-end. Usually, in small to large companies, people find a lack of trust between both the developer. Both developers have equal opportunities and salary and both are equally important. If you are a good creator then become front-end or if you like codes then become a back-end developer.


Both the developer are equally important and has equal opportunities in the market. So make choice according to your interests. Comment if you have any question, make sure you share with friends and family.

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