Free Courses with Free certifications.

Free Courses with Free certifications. : if you are searching for some free courses along with some free certificates then this article is for you. All the courses we will be listing will be by big companies. All the courses are totally free and are highly valued in industries.

The certificates you will be gaining during these courses are highly valued in industries. You can show this certificate in your Linkedin profile. So with this let’s get started.

Microsoft Learn

Visit the link Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Docs, it will take you to the login screen, create a Microsoft account, and log in. The courses are designed for beginners and advance. Up till now, they have more than 1300 modules for you to learn Microsoft technologies like Azure. After successfully, completing the module you will receive a badge from Microsoft. You can show this badge in your resume or Linkedin profile.

Cognitive Class

It is a free learning platform by IBM. For getting access go to After landing just log in, then in the courses section, you will find all the free courses. Mostly, the courses are related to databases, data science. In general, all the courses are made for data engineers. After completing the courses you will receive badges and certificates. These certificates are highly valued in industries. So check it out.


If you are interested in cloud computing then this is for you. It is a paid platform. With temporary cloud access to Google cloud or Amazon web services you can learn with real-life problems. With the guided instruction you have to perform certain task, in custom lab. Based on your performance in the lab you will get some point. Followed by some badges, which you can show in your Linkedin profile.

Google cloud is providing free 30 days access to Qwiklabs. To get the free access click Google Cloud Training (

AWS training.

Amazon is famous for its cloud services. The AWS certificates are the most valued certificates in the software industry. So if wanted to gain some knowledge on AWS cloud and boast your salary and job profile than definatly check out AWS Training and Certification – Cloud Skills Courses and Programs (

You can prepare for AWS certification with AWS training. All the courses are free and perfectly created.

Hope, you like our article on Free Courses with Free certifications. For such free and awesome content, stay tuned to our blogs. If you are searching for some coding courses then you can check 10 Free and paid online coding courses. Also, make sure you comment and share this article with your community.

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