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How to get Free courses during this lockdown, many people had lost their jobs some got salary cuts and now many are wondering what to do next?. If you lost your job or if your in fear of job loss or if your student who wants 6 figures salary this article is for you.

Let me ask you a question, how you are spending your life during this pendemic?, Comment your answer in the comment section. if you wanted to upgrade your skills to get your future job at top-notch brands like Amazon, Google then you must get some industry skills.


Many people wanted to do some online courses so that but

  • The course is too expensive.
  • Most free courses don’t have quality content.
  • Have to compete to get premium courses for free.


We are going to share some secret sources so that you will get premium online courses only for rupees “0” (Uanda). This course will be absolutely free of cost and the content and learning are just awesome.

Lastly, before starting the list of course we wanted to tell you that you don’t need anything other than an email id or phone no .in some cases. So let’s get started.


The platform which I used to like the most when I started my coding journey, Codecademy is best for starting, this platform will literally clear all your doughts,

@Free courses features includes :

  1. Hand’s on learning experience
  2. Inbuild code lab.
  3. Contains a lot of projects and assignments.
  4. Beginner friendly.
  5. Also has a mobile app.

@Free Courses includes:

  1. Web Development
  2. Web design
  3. Android development
  4. Course for programming languages like Phyton, JAVA, Javascript, Git, PHP, Shift, Kotlin, and many more.
  5. Developer tools
  6. Code foundation
  7. Computer science.

There are a number of courses availabe on codecademy

How to get codecademy Free courses membership:

Simply visit the link and feel the form with all the correct details, like upload your photo tell them about you. If you properly fill the form with the correct details you will be awarded free premium membership.

And don’t forget to subscribe website by pressing the red bell, there are more to come, courseara, udemy and many more..

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