Free android development course, #2

Free android development course: Web developer and android developer are in great demand in 2020 and analyzing deeply suggest that the number of android developer are way too less than a web developer. In the future, there will be not only a great demand but also for android developers over web developers. Though Android developer has to work on the backend, front end, server-side, client-side, has to work on a platform like

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Hybride (Compatible to both).

In the near feature, there will be a massive demand of android developers over ios developers, as many people are shifting toward android, and also google is growing like hell, its app like docs, meet, google pay is in trending during the period of coronavirus. Let’s compare the salary of a mobile developer with a web developer.

n the US, the annual salary for a front-end developer is $76,000In the US, the highest annual salary of an iOS app developer is $139,000.
In the US, the annual salary for a front-end developer is $98,000.In the US, the highest annual salary of Android app developers is $144,000.

So its time to either grab this opportunity or else grab it in the coming future, as the society of the developer will be growing massively along with there salary. So here is a free android development course for you to become a successful android developer:


Best platform if you wanted to learn android development for free or in fact totally free and the learning is with interactive videos.

@Free android development course features include:

  1. Interactive videos learning
  2. Unlimited access available
  3. Limited offer with a price cut of 350 rupees
  4. 7 hours of full learning with 35 different modules.

@Free android development course content includes:

  • Android tools and Ecosystem
  • UI 
  • Intents
  • Dynamic Views
  • Fragments and User Navigation –
  • Data Storage and Web Services 
  • Lollipop APIs
  • Google Play and Best App Development Practice

How to get free course premium membership:

Click on the register button, furthermore you will need an email account and that’s all. Login to the portal to get access.

Why you should become a developer:

If you think a person becomes a developer, only to get a job, then you are wrong, let me tell you some big names.

  • Elon musk (developer of PayPal).
  • Jeff Bezos’s (developer of amazon).
  • Mark Zuckerberg(developer of Facebook)
  • Sergy brain(developer of the search engine Google ).
  • MA HUANG A.K.A. PONY MA (developer Tencent (PUBG)).

In fact there many such big names who developed there venture with where pc, and became the make estimate of around thousand of millions.

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