Cost of doing Blogging, how much bloggers pay.

The cost of Blogging can be zero or up to lakhs of rupees.  Most people don’t know that blogging can be done for free. People think bogging needs some initial investment, but it is not completely true. You can start blogs with zero dollars. Today I will be sharing some info that will make you start your blog for free.

Bloggers expenses

A blogger has to manage many things right form the developer up to the content writer. In general, he has to pay for

  • Content writers
  • Ads
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • SEO manager.

Apart from this there are some basic costs like Domain and hosting.

How much is the cost of Blogging?

The minimum price at which you can get a domain and hosting is around 50$ per year. The cost of a content writer and people varies from location to location. Hence if you wanted to start a blog minimum of 50$ is required. There is some free source which I will tell you later. Moreover, domain and hosting should be premium. Getting a premium can increase your revenue, in less time frame.

How to start blogs for free

There are mainly two platform WordPress and Blogger. Both provide free Domain and hosting. Though is Google’s product I will recommend you WordPress. Visit WordPress, and make your WordPress ID, chose a theme and you are ready to start blogging.

For blogging using  WordPress, you don’t require a laptop or pc. Articles can be written form of mobile phones. If you have knowledge like SEO and content writing, your blog not take much time to gain traffic.

Ucompare story, our story.

I started blogging when I was 18, with premium domain and hosting. The domain from Godaddy and hosting from HostGator. Now I am 19, today I have two sites, and both are ranking in Google. Although I am an android developer, now I know about SEO and designing sites.

Today I have more 1 SEO experts, 1 developer/ designer, and 3 content writers. Within one year I have an expert team. Which is making my blogs profitable?

Blogging cost 50$, should you invest

To tell you honestly, you must get a premium domain and host. Writing blogs on the free domain will takes years and years to gain some dollars. So at least invest for domain and get hosting for one month from Hostinger. It will cost less than a dollar for a month. With less than 5$/month. You can start blogs.

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