Collecting 100s useless certificates.

Collecting 100s useless certificates. Hey, what’s up. How you doing. I hope you are not wasting your time. Today I will be telling you how you are wasting time unconsciously. Yes guys, a lot of people especially students are wasting time unknowingly. In this article, you will know how you are wasting your valuable time by doing useless courses and collecting certificates.

These days people are shifting towards online education. Online learning is cheap and better as compared to physical learning. But in this world of online many people are wasting their time. Mostly, in collecting certifications which are of no use. Students are thinking that certification can increase the chances of getting jobs. This is not true.

How certification is waste of time.

These days I found many people are working on just collecting certifications. No matter if the particular course gives value or not. Students are enrolling in the free courses so that they could get something out of it. But it doesn’t happen. In fact, the courses are free only because the institutes are just marketing their products.

You can find its proof on Thousands and thousands of students are just uploading certification. They think that these things can impress a recruiter.

Useless internships certifications

Also, this day’s many companies are providing an internship for free. Do you know why? , only because they wanted to market something. Nowadays I found many students are wasting their time doing useless internships. Like work from home.

In this kind of internship, companies are marketing themselves. And doing this internship will not give you industrial knowledge. Since an internship is all about gaining industry knowledge you must not do an internship of such kind.

So what internship to choose

Internships with no splendid are just a waste of time. Moreover, such internships certificates have no value. Zero value. No recruiter will see it. Rather than doing a useless internship. You should enroll in some paid courses. Because always paid courses have some value. Though its certificate doesn’t have, the learning will be greater than any other thing.

Also by doing a paid course you will actually learn something. This learning can further help you to get paid internships. For the best internship read our article on the internship website from here.

Ask yourselves

I found many people, with a lot of certificates in JAVA, Python, AWS from Coursera. Since Coursera was giving free courses, many people collected many certificates. But in reality, when I asked a simple question they were not able to answer.

Remember one thing, never do a free course or internship. It will just waste your time. But if you get some paid courses, how is it different? you will ask. My simple answer will be

  • Whenever you pay for something, you will extract each and every penny form it
  • It will make you learn more, in less time.
  • Always the learning will be more than a free course.

For internships:

If you are not getting an internship with your resume, then pay for it. Pay some money to the company to get an internship. Paid internship in turn will give you real knowledge regarding the industry, industrial problems, and many more.

Or better than this get some paid courses or some real industry certification like AWS, Azure, Google Could, CCNA, MTA, etc. I guarantee you that if you have this kind of industry-relevant certifications, no one can refuse you for an internship or even jobs.

What to do now?

With this question, let’s end this article Collecting 100s useless certificates.

  • Always enroll in paid courses
  • Don’t do useless internships.
  • Never think that certification will lead you to a job. (It only depends on your skill.)
  • For paid courses, you can log on to the site name Eduonix or follow the link form here. On this site the course’s price is low, but I guarantee you that your learning will be high.

If you like this article feel free to share it on Linkedin so that every person will be aware of the scam. Goodbye.

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