Coding/Programming is not easy, motivation for coders

Motivation for coders

The motivation for coders article: How often in a day you try to code. 6 hrs or 8 hrs. Did you feel demotivated, how often you thought that coding is not for me? I think this thought comes in your mind every day as you landed in this article.

In the 2020 coding community has grown massively and literary it will be going to grow unlike anything else. So are you part of the coding community. If else and if you had just started to learn to code. You will be thinking about things like.

Today after reading this article you will be confident towards your future in the field of coding or maybe programming. So let me not only motivate you but also give you clarity.

Though the coding community is massive, people don’t talk about how a beginner feels when he codes. Most people try to put solutions for the problems or error but they don’t really really talk about the mental pressure a coder could feel during when he or she starts. First, ask yourselves why you wanted to do coding.

  • For developing your own venture or thinking for building a program like Facebook
  • Or you wanted to get placed in your dream company like Google, Microsoft, or Amazon.

In my case, I wanted to build my own venture, and also like to companies like Google. And hence some times I get messed up as I feel demotivated because coding and programming are the same. In case if I have to build my own venture I will not be needing competitive programming but to get placed competitive programming is the key factor along with a sound knowledge of building apps.

And so both the thinks are equally important. Oo sorry we are getting away from our topic.”MOTIVATION FOR CODERS“.

Here are some steps you must follow to become a good coder in a few months :

Make google your best friend

For coder or programmer google or web is the key to coding success. If you stuck anywhere you can simply ask Google. Hey, Google tells me the solution. There are plenty of websites like and this website is beginner-friendly and widely used by most of the coding community. When you get stuck simply write the error or the program you wanted to execute, for sure you will get a solution here. Apart from that if you are beginning with android development always try to use developer guild by google (Not recommended for beginners use ).

Start from the project-based courses

Don’t directly enroll in the courses that don’t give you projects while your learning. Always enroll in the courses that contain the most projects, because as a beginner you must be familiar with the basics of any language may it be java, phyton, or c++. If you enroll in the course where you will be learning only through videos you will take very little out of lt.

Try websites like or in this websites you will be learning coding based on doing projects every time. This websites are great for starting learn to code. Check it out.

Stay motivated all the time

A coder must have to stay calm and energetic all the time as we have to do a lot of mental work. A coder’s brain constantly works, so as a coder you must be calm, focused on your code. Since coding is only problem-solving. But how to be energetic all the time, it is posibble. Yep! it is very must possible. To become cam and energetic all the time you must follow a proper routine.

Try to figure out by your selves

Whenever you are stuck anywhere try to figure out it by your selves, only this can make you a pro coder. Start looking around the free sources and paid sources around the web by your selves. Figure out which website or a Bootcamp is best for you and stick with it.

Outlast stay motivated for your next three months from starting to learn to code. After 3 months you find yourselves in a better position. If you found this article helpful and if the thing it’s one of the best articles on motivation for coders, share this with your friends. Happy coding :).

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