Chrome vs edge, who is best Google or Microsoft.

Google Chrome vs Microsoft edge, which browser do you like. Microsoft recently launched an edge browser. In fact, many people were waiting for the launch of this edge browser. So what is so special about this browser.

In 2020 Microsoft is renovating there products, hence Microsoft announced a new browser called Edge. Although there is the dominance of Chrome, people say edge will be going to take over Googles’s Chrome browser.

Also in the community of blogging, many people are now targeting the Bing search engine. Because people are shifting towards Edge. Most bloggers prefer Firefox, but due to the recent trend bloggers are now targeting bing.

Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge,

Most people use Chrome, Why? Have you ever tried other browsers? If not go and try it now. Just try Edge once you will love it.

  • Chrome is the most used browser.
  • Most Gmail uses use Chrome.
  • Gets access to premium Google extensions.
  • Whereas Edge browser.
    • Edge is faster than any other browser.
    • Edge is simple to use.
    • Most bloggers use edge.
    • Supports all types of code editor.

Go and download the Microsoft Edge browser now, just try it, and share us your views on the comment box. It is available on both platforms

Although Google has many products like maps, weather, and there are over 100s of google apps, which makes the user comfortable using the internet. Google is also best, but in terms of browsers, Edge will be going to kill Chrome.

I would like to recommend you to try Microsoft products like maps and weather. In fact, there is a spike in the users of Microsoft . You might think I am promoting Microsoft, yes I am promoting. Because not only I love those products, but also many bloggers are using Microsoft.

Don’t forget to share this article with all Microsoft lovers, comment below, which browser you like.

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