Certification that every software engineer should do!

What do you think which skill of yours make you different from others, is it networking, android development, or machine learning? Hence there are few certification or skills which can make you stand different from the crowd of people. We will apritiate your answers in the comment box.

So if you what to become a successful software developer you must include few certification in your resume to boost your ranking the garbage of resume. Here we will be listing the certification for a entry level developer or certification for college student.

Here is the list of certification that every engineer must do during college times.

Associate android developer certification by google

This certification by google is trending in recent days. The certification focuses on entry level android developer. Although it is trending certifications still many recruiters are not aware of this certification. After considering it trending results in 2019 and 2020 I can guaranty that this certificate will be most valued in upcoming days.

CISCO certified network associate

Most developers not have knowledge regarding networking industry, guys I am not talking about network marketing 🙂 :D. I am talking about routers, servers , connects etc. Very few people are aware of how networking certification can boost once resume. This certification can be gained during your degree. Apart from the certification point of view gaining this certification can be your first and best step towards networking industry.

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