Best tips to get your first internship

Best tips to get your first internship. Today we’ll be talking about how to land your first internship now I know most of you guys reading, would not have any skills or experience worth mentioning in the cv. So don’t worry boys read this entire blog. And also you might think why should you be listening to me, you should because I am an android developer, and I did my first internship when I was in my first year.

Why should you get an internship?

The reason why you should be getting an internship is. It is because it is the best place to learn something new. And also internships provide the required eligibility criteria for an experience that most of the jobs profile needs. It familiarizes you with the industry that you want to pursue. It also gives you a clear idea about what you actually want to pursue. because through the education system alone you will not get a precise idea about what the industry expects out of students.

Along with this if you perform well at an internship then they might even give you a job or a letter of recommendation. Sometimes you internships provide a stipend that will help you throughout your college life. It will help you become financially independent.

internships, therefore, are extremely important in college life. Your peers will definitely look for internship opportunities and will have an advantage over you when it comes to placements. Whenever you will apply for your feature job, recruiters specifically look at the candidate’s work experience. Apart from this, almost all the courses in the management field or even some courses in the engineering field require you to have some amount of work experience.

Where do we find these internships

The place where I got my first internship was through Internships | Summer Internship 2020 ( You can check that website. It is especially for students with no skills and no experience. Apart from that, you can even look for jobs through LinkedIn or stack overflow. Remember, like you, there will be many people who will be applying for internships. To get the internship you must be a unique candidate. You should be different from the rest of the crowd. Follow my steps to get your first internship

  • extremely important to have a great cv
  • A CV should be short and simple
  • Do not include irrelevant personal information.

When you’re starting fresh in the industry apart from the experience they even look at what activities that you had done. These activities must be related to the same domain that you are applying for. Like online course projects.

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Expand your skills sets

To make your resume stand out from the other applicants it is very essential to list down all of your skills in your resume. The skills you can take online from Coursera or Udemy or any other reputed website. You can use these websites to become proficient in various different domains like web development mobile app development and many more. This will give you a competitive advantage over the other applicants.

You should also work on your independent projects. This becomes extremely important when you’re applying for an internship or even a job.


I see a lot of people not taking the offer letter before they start working in an internship. Don’t do that. Make sure everything is documented properly. it also helps you avoid any further complications that might arise during your internship. If you have any doubts or any queries leave them in the comment section below I would be happy to see all of your comments. Also, you can share our blogs, it will give me the motivation to make more.

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