Best programming language of all time.

Best programming language: Today there are over thousands of programming languages. Although many languages are gone outdated or the trend is relatively less. As a matter of fact, most languages got failed just after the launch. And many are losing trend after getting to the pick.

So its, really very important to chose a right programming language, indeed to make your programming journey smooth and simless. So here are best programming language of all time.

1 JAVA: Best programming language#1

Most used language in the production, debug and also testing. JAVA is the favorite language of nearly all the companies right from its launch, till today. The first language with slogan “code once run any where“.

This made the java one of the most trending languages of all time. With java, you can create web apps, Android and java FX desktop apps are also made possible. In all honesty, a person only has to master one language and that’s all.

2.Python: Best programming language #2

The second language in the list of programming languages, although many people will it should get first place. To tell you the truth Phyton is growing like fire in the forest. But Python is still way more back to tackle the java.

Moreover, phyton can be used for the web, android but it has to export some third party frameworks to make the language especially to android.

3. Ruby:

Ruby or also know as ruby on rails. Got a huge pick after its launch, but this language is dieing faster than it’s growth. You can make web apps using ruby, in fact, there are other languages like javascript which most web developer prefer. Actually javascript might be the only reason or the failure of a ruby.

4. Swift :

A programming language used for developing ios and mac os apps. Designed by Apple only for ios and mac os. The cons of this language it that to use this language you must have a mac machine. The language will be going to die due to a language dart.

5. Kotlin:

Designed and made in production by google, for there android developers. This language is reatively easier to learn than java. Hence most new android developer considered kotlin. This language is also going to die because of dart.

6.Dart Best programming language #3

What is dart? have you heard about it before. The killer of langauge like kothin,swift, phyton and also the killer of Java. Yes, dart is going to replace java and also other languages. Have you heard about flutter, the product of Google.

Flutter is a framework which uses dart as a programming language. With flutter you can make every thing, android, ios, web or any thing you want. Consider learning this language, it will be going to rise above java and phyton.

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