Best mobile app developer salary guild.

Best mobile app developer salary guild : In this article, we will be talking about mobile app developer salary. We will be talking about both independent app developers and corporate android developers. If you are already working as an app developer or you wanted to start your career in mobile app development, then this article is for you.

The Best mobile app developer salary guild will be based on the current market, currents trends, and we will be also sharing some future prospects on these topics. So let’s start the topics by comparing app development with others.

From the above chart, it is clear that web development will be always in trend rather than python or mobile development. But on biased analysis, you can see that mobile app development has got hot trends in 2020. And hence I can guarantee that this trend will be going to rise in near future.

Best mobile app developer salary guild

Before getting into the salary of mobile developers, you must know how a mobile app developer can earn from other sources. Along with the job a mobile app developer can generate a decent amount of money. Like an app developer can make money by

  • Freelancing
  • Uploading apps on Google play store.
  • Saling apps online.

These are some sources for app developers for extra money. I had found that some people are doing these things as a full-time career.

From the above chart, it is clear that an individual app developer is taking away more money. On average, $1.5k monthly revenue is taken only by individual app developers. They might be freelancers or app publishers.

There is a great opportunity in the market for app developers. I can also guarantee that this monthly number will be 10x in the coming years.

Salary of the app developer on corporate.

The salary of app developers according to StackOverflow is around $60,000. Both app developers and web developer salaries are near about the same, but web developers are in higher demand. And also take note that app development is new in the world of programming, it still gets major updates every day. Like the introduction of Flutter by Google.

So in considering the upcoming market, and trends of vendors to create a presence in the Play store and app store. App development can be a profitable skill to learn. We have a dedicated article on how to learn mobile app development, If you are interested you can check out the form here.

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