Best 5 Prestigious Programming Contests.

Best 5 Prestigious Programming Contests. Hello everyone, welcome back again. In this article, I am going to talk about the programming competitions every developer must enroll in. Irrespective of whether you are a student or a working professional. If you are a developer who loves to code. Then this article is especially for you.

So most certainly when you talk about the competitive programming contest the most prestigious coding contest will be by Google. So let’s start with Google.

Best 5 Prestigious Programming Contests.

Google Code Jam.

Google code consisted of five rounds starting with an online qualification round followed by three rounds and then the World Finals. So first online qualification rounds are for 27 hours and you need to score the minimum qualifying marks to proceed to level 1.

The qualifying marks were 30 out of a hundred. Once you Qualify for the online round. There are three sub rounds 1A, 1B, and 1C. You can compete as many times as you finish in the top fifteen hundred with any of these rounds.

Apart from that the top 1500 from any round then move to the constant, to the online round. There you compete with the top 1000 contestants to advance to the online round 3. Also, You will have the chance to get the limited edition Google code Jam t-shirt.

Finally, after round 3 on the top 25 contestants compete for the finals. This will be Virtual World Finals and the cash price of $15,000 will be awarded.

Google kickstart

Google Kickstarter is one of the amazing competitions that you can encounter. The Google kick-start starts mostly for the students who are undergraduates or the working professional. It consists of 8 rounds. You can participate in any round of the contest. I recommend you to participate in all the rounds.

The best part of Google kick start is that if your rankings are good. If you’re a top competitor among any of the rounds, let’s say in the top 1% worldwide. Then you will be contacted by Google for a chance to interview.

Google hashcode

Another competition organized by Google. It has only two rounds. One is the online qualification round and the second is the final rounds. So if they’re more than 3,000 teams that have participated in the qualification round, then the top 50 teams will qualify for the final rounds. Moreover, you also get a cash prize for the final round. Additionally, you will get the chance to visit the Google office.

You work together to solve Challenge and compete for the cash prize the cash prizes that are offered is $4,000 for the winner in the Google escort.

Facebook hacker cup

It’s relatively new but certainly is one of the most prestigious competitions. This competition started in 2011 and it is provided by Facebook sponsors. So Facebook hacker cup is an annual algorithmic programming contest, which is organized by Facebook. The students, professionals, or experts can participate in the contest.

It attracts numerous programming enthusiastic people from all around the globe. The top contestants are eligible for the interview call from Facebook as a software developer. The cash prize for the winner is $10,000 and there are five rounds starting with the qualification round, round 1 round 2 round 3, and then the on-site round.

Microsoft imagine cup

Microsoft imagines cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft corporation which brings together young Technologies worldwide to reward some of the world’s toughest challenges. The Imagine cup comprises five major technology competitions including software design.

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