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Best 5 books for cracking the coding interview. -

Best 5 books for cracking the coding interview.

Hey everyone, in this blog I’m going to talk about Best 5 books for cracking the coding interview and getting a job at companies like Google Microsoft, Amazon Etc. I personally feel that books are an amazing way to upgrade yourself. But when it comes to coding books are not that much available as compare to video content. The books are listed as on my experience and perspective and these are the must-read books for getting a job at such companies.

Cracking the coding interview

The first one is cracking the coding interview by Gaelic men. This is the most recommended book for programming or coding job interviews. Because it contains frequently asked questions from various tech companies. I strongly suggest you go through all the problems and solutions of the book. This book contains 189 questions to refresh your knowledge. There are step-by-step Solutions at the back of the book.

This book gain lot of popularity Because the author has worked on famous stack companies like Google Apple and Microsoft and familiar with the in and out of their job interview process. This is the reason why it is a valuable resource for all developers. It covers all the key concepts of data structures like array, stack, use trees, graphs Etc. And the most important thing is it also contains behavioral questions and the strategy of how you should answer these behavioral questions.

data structures and algorithms Made Easy publication.

This is also the most recommended book. This is the book from one of my favorite authors Nasima car 1 XI, which is also the author of one of the best data structures and algorithms books for Java programmers. The author is also done a great job of explaining the solutions are Time and space complexity and how you can improve your solutions by applying a tried and tested technique.

You can find this book in other programming languages like C, Java, and python. you will find a lot of frequently asked questions from Tech job interviews in this book.

Programming interview exposed.

I will recommend this book if you are looking for some practice interview questions because this book provides the most practice material. Like the previous book, this also contains questions from various important topics for coding interviews, like binary tree linked list string SQL networking and problem-solving puzzles.

Algorithm design manual

This is ideal for longer preparation timelines. If you have a longer time to prepare for interviews, you can go through this book. It is one of the best books. You can expect to correct some of the toughest programming job interview of Google Facebook Microsoft Amazon.

This book contains questions based on algorithms and data structures. And if you can solve them on your own you are fully ready for a job interview. It also includes some salt questions, which teaches you how you can apply algorithms to solve. One of the most valuable parts of this book is the appendix at the end. It covers a wide array of data structures beyond the standard ones that you may encounter in an interview. So in short one of the must-read books to crack programming job interviews.

Introduction to Algorithms

This is one of the standard Textbooks of algorithms. And the size of the book is quite intimidating. This is very comprehensive each chapter focuses on an algorithm and discusses its design techniques and areas of applications instead of using a specific programming language. The algorithms are written in pseudocode the description focuses on the aspect of the algorithms itself, its mathematical properties, and emphasizes efficiency. I will recommend if you are going through with this book.


Hope you like the blog Best 5 books for cracking the coding interview. If you like my work please share my blogs because it gives me the motivation to make more blogs. Comment if you have any questions. And best luck with your interview.

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