Best 4 developers tools every software engineer should use.

Best 4 developers tools .Software developments are rapidly changing day by day. Many new technologies and tools are getting lunched regularly. Mostly new developers try exploring new tools, but with this habit, they stop using some important tools.

Many times, when new developers come for placement. They lack the knowledge of tools like git, git bash commands, shortcuts in IDEs, and UI design tools. These basic skills are needed to work in the industry. Although due to the habit of jumping from one tool to newly released tools, they gain knowledge of new technologies like a flutter, react-native they don’t know how to work with basic JAVA or Javascript.

I had found many students that directly jump in AI or machine learning without getting knowledge of developers. Doing this will not make you a successful developer. In fact, you must follow this

  • Firstly spent at least a year learning how to code.
  • Try solving different problems while coding. (This will make you real coder).
  • Then learn either android, web, or ios with basic databases like Mysql technologies.
  • While doing this regularly use tools like git and IDEs.

Continue this for at least 2 to 3 years you will have strong command overs these essential technologies. Then after mastering this tool you can jump on AI, ML. And continue the same cycle until you master. Hope you understood what I mean to say. With this here is the list of best 4 developers tools that every software engineer should master.

Best 4 developers tools list:

Git and Git bash

is at 1 in the list of Best 4 developers tools.

The most widely used developer tool or version control software. Many experienced developers say, use git. Do you know why? As when the code is written in a large corporate, many people work on a single project. With git this is possible, using git you can create multiple copies of code and work together. Moreover, it also works as a recycle bin for your deleted code. If you wanted to get back lines of code that you had deleted. Then with git’s version control, this is possible.

Although there are other systems like GitLab, Beanstalk, PerForce. But git and GitHub are most widely used in industries.

For a tutorial on git and git hub click here, There is a free course for you by

or checkout

Code Editor

is at 2 in the list of Best 4 developers tools.

Which code editor do you use? There are a number of code editors available online like Intellij IDEA, code blocks, eclipse, and Net beans. The use of code editors can save a lot of your time. With features like auto-completion, debugger, version control and compiles.

I personally like Intellij. In fact, people who code for android or for mobile development prefer android studios. Which is a product of Intellij. Moreover, java developers and other developers also prefer this code editor. With code editor, coder life gets easy. So every developer must try different code editors to choose best for them.

UI tool

is at 3 in the list of Best 4 developers tools.

A web developer or android developer uses a lot of UI tools. Like adobe xd, sketch, Figma, Invision. Among the most widely used tool in adobe XD. It is the oldest and most used tool by developers and designers. Comparing it with other developers’ tools is nearly similar. As a habit of new developers, they never try to master a particular tool. Whatever goes trending they jump into it.

Choose one tool and stick to it for at least 1 year. Then if you wish you can explore other tools. I personally like Figma, as it has some extra features over other tools like, you can work with other designers at the same time.

In fact, it is like working on git. Many people can work on one a single project with one single tool. You can download Figma from here.

Some websites.

is at 4 in the list of Best 4 developers tools.

Many times when you code, do you get stuck anywhere. This might happened to you many times. But how do you find solutions to the problem? There are millions of websites like,, Google developer guild. Using these websites can make your developer journey easy.

Also in the IDEs like Intellij, there are inbuild documentation to which you can refer directly. Most beginners are not aware of these sites. And if they stuck somewhere they lose hope, resulting in end of coding jorney forever.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below. We will add your recommendation to the list. And if you like this article feel free to share it with your developers’ family.

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