Best 3 ways to start making money during college.

Best 3 ways to start making money during college. I won’t be talking about some fake get rich quick methods here. All of the sources of income that I will be sharing are my own sources of income. So you can rest assured that they do work during your college days. During college, your expenses start increasing a lot. And sometimes you will feel, not to ask money to your parents. It will be great if you could handle your own expenses. So today, I’ll be helping you find a perfect source of income. And this income will not only pay out your bills but also enhance your skillset.


You will not always earn from internships, but you will earn a lot of skill set. And these gained skills will help you to get a paid job or internship. First off when you’re looking for an internship look for something that relates to your feature dreams. Doing an internship will not only help you develop your cv but also help you develop your skillset.

Many of the students think that they don’t have any skill set or experience worth mentioning in the cv. Trust me that’s not the case at all. Those who apply will only get a job. Do an internship if you wanted to do jobs in the future. For internships, you can visit, go there, and just apply.

Apply as much as possible, the more you apply, the higher your chance will be to land an internship. Apply for all kinds of internships like marketing or content marketing or Instagram marketing. Often, I found that content writing internships are always paid internships. The next one is


Freelancing is great for students who are wanting to earn money quickly. With this not only will you be learning something new but also earning money by doing the project. There are various websites that will help you find the perfect freelancing job that is

But when it comes to freelancing the competition is becoming high. You should be good at a specific skill. So if you are already working on your skill then you should go with freelancing. There is a secret to earn money in freelancing, I have a detailed blog on it you can check it out. How to get projects from, Best 5 tips. The same technique is applicable in freelancing, apply more, and get more opportunities. Skills are the secondary part, you will able to manage after getting a project.

Blogging and youtube

To start earning from the influencing domain you would require a lot of patience and consistency. This is my favorite mode of earning. I personally love doing blogging. Blogging and youtube have the highest potential when it comes to online earning. I can tell you about blogging. You can earn decent money with blogs, it takes months to generate some income.

You being an influencer having a very wide audience base also it is not only limited to just one platform. Rather than there are other platforms like instagram, tweeter, Facebook, and whatnot. It is the cumulative audience base on all the platforms. There are various sources of income for an influencer you can earn directly from

  • monetization
  • affiliate marketing
  • and referral links


All this earning will take some time. Till then you have to keep working and never lose hope. Once you start getting money, it will continue to your lifetime. I have found many people doing part-time jobs and earning money more than full-time jobs. If you like my blogs then make sure you share and bookmark. Comment if you have any questions in the comment box below. Ask me anything. Best of luck, you will earn soon.

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