Best 10 app that everybody should have.

Best 10 app that everybody should have : Almost every hour the average person checks his/her phone. These days people are addicted to phones. If this idiot machine is not used in a proper way. It can ruin your life. Without letting you know.

So here is a list of 15 apps that can make you a better mobile user. This list of apps can make you more productive in your work. So without further due let’s get started.

Best 10 app that everybody should have


It’s a brilliant note-keeping app. This app is dedicated only to keep your notes. Using this app you can store your notes or any ideas that come into your mind. Every time you might not have a pen and paper, so a note-keeping app can solve all your problems.

Some features of Evernote
  • Can share notes with multiple devices
  • Dark mode
  • Notes can be printed and can be shared with friends.


How often you got tired while working or studying. How often your naps got converted to a full-length sleep. If there are your problems, then you can try the tide app. This app is dedicated to making your cam during the workflow. With features like naps, meditation, and natural sound frequency. This app can increase your productivity.

Features of tide app:
  • Naps and sleep timer with nature sound
  • Can help you to relax while working.

Wikipedia app

You should keep the wiki mobile app. Even though it is available on the browser. Using this app will make you productive. Moreover, the app has no ads. So you will not be taken away by my advertisement industries.

features of Wikipedia App
  • Faster and ads free.
  • On the go information


Earlier this app was a web app, but now it’s mobile application is also available. Many times you have to write an email or other important stuff on mobile. So whatever you write must be errorless. This can be achieved with Grammarly mobile app.

features of Grammarly app
  • Detects error, mistakes while chatting.
  • Recommends professional words and sentences.

Udemy App

Do you use Youtube for some short and simple tutorial? If yes!, then you should know about the Udemy app. The app is specifically designed for learning things on the go. So next time if you wanted a short lecture on any things just asks it on Udemy. We also have a short article on Udemy and other online courses check it from here.

features of Udemy app
  • High-quality tutorial designed by experts.
  • Helps to understand a wide variety of concepts on the go.

Water Reminder

Working with full concentration can harm your health and lifestyle. Have you forgotten drinking water while working? If yes !, Then you should keep this app with you. This app will keep track of the water level in your body. Moreover, using this app you can set a reminder to drink water. Since the water level is associate with brain function, this app can increase your productivity.

Features of the Water reminder app
  • Reminder drinking water keeps track of the water level in your body.
  • A good water level can increase your level of concentration.

Blue Light Filter

In this era, people are more exposed to screens. In the digital world, people prefer to read books on a mobile phone. But more exposure to the screen can damage your eyes. Moreover, a log time bright light exposure can also damage your concentration level. So to deal with these problems you can download the blue light filter app. Using this app you can adjust your screen brightness and can add the various filters. Like reading filters, video filters, etc.

Features of Blue Light Filter
  • Various modes of reading.
  • Advance AI that detects, the strain on eyes.

Alarmy app

The normal alarm comes with a stop and snooze button. Using this kind of alarms will not wake you up in the morning. You will snooze and snooze and hours will pass away. So to solve this problem here is the Alarmy app, which not let you sleep again. To close the alarm you have to complete some complex tasks, and while doing this task it will wake you up.

Features of Alarmy app
  • It will make you wake up.
  • Has to solve some complex task to stop the alarm.

App Blocker

Have you got distracted while studying, or working on something. Then this app is for you. This app can block all the apps that you don’t want to use while working or studying. You have to set a timer on the app, and for the particular time frame, your other apps will be blocked.

Features of App blocker
  • Helps to concentrate on your work.
  • Increases your productivity.

Money Manager

This app will make you manage your useless expenses. Using this app you can manage your monthly budget. You can keep track of the money. Through photographs and notes. So if your pocket gets empty 15 days before month end, then download the app now.

Features of Money manager
  • Can add photos and notes attached to your expenses.
  • Helps to manage your monthly bills.

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