Associate certification list, every college student should do.

Associate certification list will be a list of all the certifications you must do to get a job at fortune companies. Associate are entry-level certification, it can be achieved in the first year or second year of your degree. Most students wanted to work with Google or Microsoft but they don’t know how to approach.

In general, if you do some associate-level certification. Definitely, companies will be able to see you in the crowd of people. According to Microsoft, people certified by them get a higher salary.

Almost every tech companies provide associate-level certifications. Google with AAD, cloud. Microsoft with Azure, MTA. Amazon with AWS. Cisco with CCNA. In addition to this, they also give professional-level certification. Moreover, getting this certification will increase your chance of getting placed at Google like brands.

In fact, any engineering, and technical degree students can do this certification. Degrees including Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, and even Biotech can get jobs at Google like tech companies. Thus every technical degree student should do this certification.

Associate certification list

1.Amazon Web Service

AWS provides 3 entry-level certifications. Although this certification is an associate-level, they have some great importance. Certification like Solution Architect, SystemOps Administrator, and Developer associate is included. The certification cost varies from 100$ to 200$. In addition, of 20$ you can get access to Amazon training.

This is much less on AWS, you can get some additional info on

2. Microsoft Certifications.

Microsoft includes a verity of certifications. In all honesty, Microsoft certifications are highly valuable. Furthermore, to say, it includes all the certifications right from the cloud to ethical hacking. The certification cost varies from 150$ to 200$.

Get your first certification form Microsoft. Also, this certification was highly recommended by most fortune companies employees on Vist for more information.

3. Google certification

The most famous certification of Google is AAD. In addition to this, there are certifications like cloud, TensorFlow, etc. Mostly Google selects people who are Google certified. Actually, I love certification from Google. As an android developer, I have more inclination toward Google.

The certification cost varies from 100$ to 150$, the price is less as compared to other companies. Moreover, Google has a tie-up with Udacity. I would like To mention Google provide free training.

Additionally, To get free training videos on Udacity log on to, register and you are ready to go.

As a final point, visit this site to explore the certifications.

4. Cisco Certified Associate

If you are in the electronics or in networking branch this certification can really help you. Indeed many people wanted to work as an electronics engineer. Either CCNA or CCNP will be the best certification for electronics guys

Although cisco doesn’t promote much, it doesn’t mean that the work culture is bad at CISCO. The salary of a CISCO engineer is not less than that of a Google engineer.

Visit site, it has free training and certifications.

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