Android development vs IOS development, which one is best

Android development vs IOS development: Got confused between android and IOS development, you don’t know where to start. Which one is most profitable and mainly which one is easy for beginners. This article will answer all your question.

This article is benificial for all kinds of people, weather your are a beginner level android or IOS developer or you are planning to start app development. So with no further due lets get started.

Android development vs IOS development, in terms of demand

Before you start you must know which platform has the highest demand. As demand is associated with revenue.

As per the past 12 months report, it is clear that the number of an android user is greater than IOs users. So if you are just starting with app development you can go with android. Moreover, it will be best for your initial income through apps.

What programming language to choose

Programming for Android is mainly done using java, where as on IOS you have to master shift language. Additionally remember that if you wanted to develop app for android it requires

  • Windows or any machine
  • An android phone if possible. and that’s it

But if you wanted to develop apps for IOS, then it will cost you

  • For a Mac machine, (YOu can develop IOS apps only on MAC).
  • Or an Apple iPhone.

So keep this points in your mind before starting app development

Android development vs IOS development, in terms of investment

Investment is the most important part while developing mobile apps. Obviously, you are developing apps for generating some income. For income, the initial investment is a need. The cost like

  • The machine you use.
  • How would you market the app?
  • Hosting
  • And other costs.

They vary differently for both IOS and android. Usually, you have to invest some more for IOS apps. Whereas android app development will be budget-friendly. Let’s try to understand the initial cost through the table given below.

Android app developmentIOS app development
Mini. 4 GB ram windows laptop will work, which will not cost more than 327$ An Apple MacBook is mandatory for IOS, whose price starts from 982$
Play store one time fees of 25$App store fees which cost around 99/year.
App marketing: depends on which ads you ChooseApp marketing is also the same for IOS development.
Android phone is optional. It will not cost more than 98$iPhone is also optional. And it will cost starts from 408$

So in terms of investment point of view, android will be best to start with.

Market cap:

Since Android users are more in number as compared to iPhone users. So publishing and marketing apps on the play store will generate income faster. On the other hand, IOS users are not in great numbers. So the earning will be relatively low when you start. But as you go on, IOS will also generate income.

Moreover, with users in android. There is also big competition in android app publishing as compared to IOS apps. So both app development requires the same amount of hard work. And at last, it depends on you, how consistently you work on it.

Form where to learn app development

There are a bunch of sites, but I will recommend you to go with Udemy. Because the prices are very low and the learning is very high. Through Udemy you can learn all most everything about android, IOS, even you can learn how to market app for revenue generation. For a detail, on app development courses you can also check our article from here.

Android development vs IOS development, why to develop apps

There is an increase in the number of mobile users, which is resulting in an increase in public engagement over apps. But to meet this increasing demand there are very few quality app developers. And hence in the coming years, there will be a huge demand for skilled developers.

So to grab this opportunity, you can become a mobile app developer. This learning will generate money within a few months. Either you can become a freelancer or you can simply publish apps on the app store or play store.

Hope you like our article on Android development vs IOS development. Feel free to comment with any suggestion for us and also make sure you share it with your friends. Happy coding.

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